• Travel Insurance Policies in Dubai 

    Travel Insurance for a peaceful travel

    Travelling, for some it is a necessity and for others it is a passion. Regardless of what travelling means to us, there is no doubt that it offers an experience like none other, pushing us to discover the world and explore new possibilities. With increased international cooperation, travelling has become simpler, with countries more than happy to let visitors discover their way of life. A travel insurance policy is an asset for travellers, offering protection from untoward incidents, ensuring their travel is peaceful and hassle free.

    Dubai – Travel Insurance

    Dubai, a city synonymous with extravagance and beauty is perhaps one destination every traveller hopes to visit. Unmatched attractions and a booming work environment have made it a sought after destination, with millions of visitors stepping foot here every year. A majority of Dubai’s inhabitants are expats, who travel back and forth between their home countries and Dubai, necessitating the need for travel insurance. A number of insurance providers offer travel insurance to Dubai residents, ensuring they can travel the world without a care in the world.

    Tourists visiting Dubai for vacations might be charged for health care, which is typically covered under their travel insurance policies, if they have one. It is thus recommended to have a policy in place before embarking on a trip.

    Basics of Travel Insurance

    Travel insurance is an extremely simple concept today, with insurance providers offering great products to travellers. All one needs to do is approach an agency and opt for a policy which best suits his/her needs, pay the premium and enjoy the journey. It is necessary to read the fine print before choosing a policy, ensuring that the cover provided is sufficient for an individual. It is also important to see the geographic extent of coverage, as choosing a policy which does not cover your choice of destination might become futile.

    What is covered under a travel insurance policy?

    Different insurance companies offer different cover to individuals, depending on the type of policy chosen. The following items are generally covered under most policies.

    • Trip cancellation/interruption
    • Travel Delays
    • Medical emergencies/emergency evacuation
    • Lost or stolen/damaged baggage
    • Accidental injury or death
    • Missed connections
    • Hijacking

    One can opt to add on other benefits and covers depending on a particular need.

    Restrictions of Travel Insurance Policies

    Some of the general restriction in place with regards to travel insurance are mentioned below.

    • A particular policy is valid only for specified periods, and any cover provided will cease to exist on its expiry
    • Suicide is excluded from almost all policies
    • Alcohol or drug induced incidents are not covered
    • Individuals with previously existing conditions might find it hard to find cover for those conditions.
    • Injuries caused by war while travelling to a war zone
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