• Travel Insurance Claim Process in the UAE


    Travel, especially the long-winded ones that often encompass overseas destinations might be enjoyable for many, but regardless of the fun and excitement, it calls for planning ahead in case one faces any kind of unforeseen circumstances. Multiple flights, changes in weather and unfamiliarity with the locality can cause unwarranted hassles for many, in terms of baggage misplacement, medical emergencies or any theft or loss of personal items. Keeping these situations in perspective, travel insurance becomes more of necessity in order to safeguard against any travel related exigencies.

    A basic travel insurance can cover a single trip or a series of trips done annually. The coverage offered by a travel insurance can vary from insurer to insurer but mostly includes the following –

    1. Personal Accident Benefits
    2. Medical and related Benefits
    3. Travel Inconvenience Benefits
    4. Secure Wallet

    Some insurers might allow a set of additional coverage clauses for people opting for a travel insurance. The additional coverage might include risk cover for the individual or family in case they are participating hazardous sports or are visiting a tentatively higher risk region of the world.

    Eligibility for Travel insurance

    In order to avail a travel insurance, there are a few prerequisites that fall under the eligibility criteria. These can be enumerated as the following –

    1. Nationality – Most insurers in the UAE insist that the customer be a UAE national or at least a GCC national in order to be eligible for travel insurance
    2. Age – The maximum age of the customer as per most insurers generally lies between 65-75 years. In case being accompanied by a spouse, the same limits apply. If a family travel insurance scheme is chosen, children in the family must be over 3 months and under 18 years old
    3. Bank Account – This aspect is not mandatory, though some insurers operate through specific banks and require the customer to have an active account with the partner bank

    Though the above are the most common criteria based on which travel insurance can be offered to anyone, insurers might add or remove conditions based on their discretion.

    Documents Required For a Travel Insurance

    Travel insurance offered to any person depends on the Visa that one has applied for and the places that the person intends to travel to. For a hassle free issuance of a travel insurance, the following can be considered as the most commonly asked for documentation –

    1. Valid passport
    2. Visa
    3. Bank statements (3 or 6 months)
    4. Government recognised identity proof for other members in case the family is being covered

    Apart from the pointers mentioned above, insurers might require additional documents as per their discretion and those would have to be furnished.

    Documents Required for Travel Insurance Claims

    Travel insurance is favoured by frequent fliers or people with long holiday plans for a simple reason. It allows people to enjoy their trip or vacation by allowing a safety net that protects customers from any unfortunate exigencies. The claims on a travel insurance could fall under the following categories and the related documents for proper processing are mentioned under them –

    1. Baggage Loss – Claims for theft or loss of personal belongings (excepting passports)

      • Claim form
      • Copies of boarding pass, tickets and tags
      • Property irregularity report for baggage loss
      • Proof of value for articles above 100 US dollars
      • Details of reimbursement if received from airlines/authorities
    2. Loss of Passport – Claims for the theft or loss or accidental damage to passport

      • Copy of lost passport, if available
      • Copy of FIR
      • Copy of new passport with original bills of expenses incurred for the same
    3. Personal Liability – This covers claims related to any damage or infraction caused by the customer while abroad

      • Claim form
      • Statement of facts in writing and witness statement
      • Relevant documents if any
      • Judicial decision proof as given by the court of law
    4. Accidental Death – In case the insured faces an unfortunate demise caused by an accident while the insurance is in force, this claim can be resorted to

      • Claim form
      • Original death certificate
      • Copy of FIR
      • Copy of post-mortem report
    5. Dismemberment – While the insurance is in force, if the insured loses his/her limbs as a cause of any accident or mishap

      • Claim form
      • Copy of treatment papers
      • Copy of FIR
    6. Trip Delay/ Cancellation/ Interruption/ Missed Connection – Claims relating to loss of time and missed deadlines caused due to delays in departures or arrivals

      • Claim form
      • Airline authorised documents relating scheduled and actual arrival time
      • Photocopy of airline authorised documents certifying delay of flights
      • If cancellation of trip includes insured events, a confirming police report
      • Doctor’s statement and medical reports if trip is cancelled on medical grounds
      • Termination letter or relevant corporate documents if cancellation is due to employment reasons
    7. Medical Sickness, Accidents and Treatments – For claims that do not explicitly fall under points 4 and 5

      • Claim form
      • Doctor’s statement and reports
      • Original prescriptions and reports with all bills
      • Copy of passport or visa
      • In case of dental treatment, prescription mentioning the details of tooth being treated
    8. Study Intermission – Claims relevant to students

      • Medical reports and doctor’s statements regarding the illness and treatment
      • Original receipt of fees paid to the university
    9. Hijack – Claims in case the trip faced an case of an untoward incident of hijacking

      • Claim form
      • Copy of ticket/boarding passes
      • Statement of the incident in writing
      • Airline correspondence

    For any kinds of claims, it is mandatory to furnish the original bills and vouchers for related incidents.

    Travel Insurance Claims Process

    For any claims pertaining to travel insurance, one needs to have the relevant documents pertaining to the kind of claim that is being submitted. Keeping all original bills, if any, is always a great help in getting the claims accepted.

    One needs to contact the insurer and get in touch with an agent to get the claim settlement process started. Generally, the insurer will send across a representative who would verify the authenticity of all documents and initiate a reimbursement ticket. Within a normal period of a week to a fortnight, most accepted claims are resolved and the reimbursement is made to the bank account specified by the insured.

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