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    Because the Road keeps changing!

    There are few pleasures in life which match the thrill and joy one gets from travel, with travel opening our hearts and mind to a whole new world. Travelling, in today’s world has become simpler compared to the past, but one still needs to go through certain formalities to ensure a travel plan takes off. Travelling is designed to help one escape the drudgery of everyday life, to make us feel happy. There is a possibility that one can encounter problems during a journey, problems which could turn the entire experience around. A travel insurance policy ensures that every travel related problem has a solution, offering peace of mind to us, enabling us to truly soak in the experience of a journey.

    Travel Insurance in Abu Dhabi

    Abu Dhabi is an internationally renowned destination, with millions of travellers visiting it annually. Expats from all over the world call Abu Dhabi their home, with thousands of people coming here to try their luck. Travel forms a major part of their lives as they end up travelling back and forth between their home country and Abu Dhabi, which makes travel insurance an extremely important asset for them. Travel insurance ensures they can pack their bags and get on with their lives without any concern of what could happen.

    Types of Travel Insurance Policies available in Abu Dhabi

    Insurance companies offer different types of travel insurance policies, designed to suit individual requirements. Traditionally, travel insurance policies are of two types, Individual and Family insurance policies. Individual travel insurance policies offer coverage only for the concerned individual, protecting only him/her from certain incidents. Family travel insurance policies on the other hand offer protection for the entire family.

    What is covered under a Travel Insurance Policy?

    The cover provided under a particular travel insurance policy depends on the type of policy chosen, with different insurance providers offering different coverage. The following items are generally covered under most policies.

    • Medical emergencies/emergency evacuation
    • Lost or stolen/damaged baggage
    • Trip cancellation/interruption
    • Travel Delays
    • Accidental injury or death
    • Missed connections
    • Hijacking

    One can opt to add on other benefits and covers depending on a particular need.

    Restrictions of Travel Insurance Policies

    A Travel Insurance Policy does not cover everything, with certain restrictions in place. Some of the common restrictions are mentioned below.

    • Individuals with previously existing conditions might find it hard to find cover for those conditions.
    • Injuries caused by war while travelling to a war zone
    • A particular policy is valid only for specified periods, and any cover provided will cease to exist on its expiry
    • Suicide is excluded from almost all policies
    • Alcohol or drug induced incidents are not covered
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