• Top 10 Things in Your Checklist for Car Insurance in UAE

    Car insurance is a very crucial subject in UAE, considering the major statistics of the country for highway accidents lead by speeding, most often. Also road accidents are considered the second most common reason for deaths in the country. Regardless car insurance being mandatory in the country, for every car, the fact that these accidents happen so rapidly and there is no clear solution despite all the efforts in road safety, perhaps the best idea is to make sure that you have a good motor insurance for your vehicle. There are certain things that have to be kept in mind for to make sure that your car insurance is not just another monthly payment that you make.

    Top 10 Checklist for Your Car Insurance

    Some of the most important things you must check for choosing your car insurance should that could be in the form of certain benefits or cover areas to look out for include:

    1. Comprehensive insurance against the basic third-party liability: When your insurance covers for costs for repairing or aging the third-party involved in the accident or car crash, it is simply not sufficient, regardless you have other special coverage or riders or not. Hence, the comprehensive car insurance plans offered by most leading banks in UAE should be ideally chosen.
    2. GCC Coverage: Your car insurance should not be limited to the seven emirates if you live in the GCC region. There may be several instances or requirements for you to travel across various GCC countries for work or leisure to places like Oman. If you are going by road, which is quite convenient, it is essential that your insurance does cover you in need, in other GCC countries as well.
    3. Roadside Assistance: You might find this a very trivial looking feature at the first go but it is actually very important considering that you are provided with an emergency number in the insurance card, car sticker which allows you to instant services under the insurance. These services are provided in partnership with the bank and other companies such as AAA Middle East, who specialize in road assistance service. These services include battery charging, vehicle towing, flat tyre replacement, mechanical repairs, and delivery of fuel in emergencies. These services are available at all GCC countries.
    4. The vehicular age restrictions: Some companies do not cover cars which are over the age of 10 years in UAE because of higher repair-work being required.
    5. No-claims bonus: This is a discount that is offered to people who have not claimed the insurance money against the policy. Now, even if the claim is made an amount will be deducted, but still provided to the policyholder as discount of the premium renewal based on the number of times claims have been made.
    6. Coverage for Agency Repair: Some insurance plans in UAE, only cover you for garage repair but if you want to repair your car at a company workshop or branded workshop, the costs will not be covered by insurance. Hence, agency repair coverage is something that entitles you to get your car repaired at the manufacturer’s workshop, which is often more preferable for repairing high-end cars such as Maybachs and Cadillacs.
    7. Travelling off-road coverage: We are well aware that UAE is vastly covered in desert area, which means that cars are often driven on sand or rough regions by many who own a four-wheel drive such as a Land Cruiser or Jeep. This type of coverage is required for the same to ensure that you can travel in the sand storms and off-road without worrying about insurance coverage. However certain sporting activities are not covered under this insurance such as wadi or dune bashing.
    8. Compulsory excess: This amount is payable based on the company and car model and the value of the car, and not the resale value of the car.
    9. Coverage for your Windscreen: As odd as this coverage area may sound, it cannot be ignored because if this cover comes with some extra premium charges, it is worth it, especially in UAE.
    10. Personal accident Coverage for passengers and drivers: The basic car insurance policy does not come with this cover. An extra amount on the premium has to be paid for this coverage on a comprehensive car insurance plan.

    Words of Advice

    So whichever company/bank you choose for your car insurance, its best you go through the checklist given above and finalise.

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