Personal Loan EMI Calculator

When anyone goes in for a personal loan, the biggest questions on their mind are about how much should be taken and what will the repayment of the persona loan look like. The personal loan calculator designed by BankBazaar is meant to help answer these questions. It comes packed with features and benefits that work together to ensure that you make the smartest decision on personal loans.

Features of Personal loan calculators

The features of the BankBazaar personal loan calculator make it an ideal tool for those planning to take a personal loan.

Monthly Instalments: The most important thing about a personal loan is the monthly instalment that needs to be paid and this tool can calculate exactly that using just the loan amount, tenure of the loan, the interest rate and the processing fee.

Accuracy: Since the calculations are made by the system, chances of human error are almost eliminated. This means that all the amounts that need to be known are absolutely accurate and free from errors as opposed to them being done manually.

Easy to use: The interface for the calculator is so simple that anyone with minimum knowledge of computers can also use it. It also does not require any special knowledge like formulas to be able to calculate the monthly instalments.

Amortisation: It also provides a snapshot of the amortisation of the personal which helps understand what the loans repayment will look like as the tenure progresses.

Benefits of the Personal Loan Calculator

There are many benefits to using the BankBazaar personal loan calculators but there are some that stand out. These are things like help with planning the loans or saving time and effort in figuring out what the monthly instalment for the personal loan will be.

Proper Planning: It helps with proper planning because the information provided by the calculator lets customers decided if the loan they intend to go in for is affordable or not.

Time Savings: Instead of sitting and doing lengthy calculations, using the tool lets you know the expected monthly instalment in just a few seconds.

Compare offers: The tool also offers an easy option to compare offers from various lenders and pick the loan that suits your needs the most.

The biggest advantage of using the BankBazaar personal loan calculator is that it helps you prepare your personal expenses for the coming loan. This means that there will be no nasty financial shocks that hit you when the loan is issued and the repayments start.

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