• Optional car insurance benefits offered in the UAE

    Having a car insurance is essential as the expenses in the event of damage of the vehicle and injuries to the other drivers, passengers and pedestrians will be covered. You have to pay the insurance premiums and the insurance company will pay the cost incurred by you on your car in the event it is damaged in an accident.

    What are the optional car insurance benefits in the UAE?

    In the UAE, you will find a wide range of car insurance options. You get the benefits that you pay for. Mid-range policies let you add a few optional benefits to your insurance plan. The following are the common options offered by the UAE car insurance companies:

    • Roadside assistance: This option is offered to recover vehicle in the event the car has broken down or has met with an accident. The price benefit ranges from AED30 to AED40. It makes sense to pay a little more towards this option as you may otherwise have to send in hundred dirhams otherwise.
    • Car hire: This is the most frequently used optional benefit. The insurer will cover the cost of vehicle rented. The duration and the amount depends on the policy you have chosen. It is a fixed cost and it ranges from AED150 to AED450. Some insurers let you chose the duration of the rental as well.
    • Geographical cover: This is usually offered under the standard plan. Insurance companies cover the UAE, Oman and GCC wide area. This option is costly as it ranges around AED500.
    • Personal accident cover: There are type types of benefit it cover personal accident cover for the passenger as well as the driver. The option will cost you anywhere from AED60 to AED120. Some insurers will also give you the option to specify the number of passengers that you wish to cover. The rate will be around AED30 per passenger.
    • Windscreen cover: This is not a common option but some insurers do offer it to cover for the windshield and window damage. The cost can will be as little as AED10. This option is valuable if something damages your vehicle windows and windshield.
    • Guaranteed repair service: There are insurers who offer to repair your car if it is broken down at their dedicated workshops. They may also provide guarantee for the service for a certain number of months.
    • Dent repair: This is rarely offered by the insurers in the UAE. But, it is an important benefit as it pays for the paint-less dent removal.
    • Courtesy car service: Car service will be offered for a certain number of days. This option can be availed if the car was in an accident and if you need a substitute for a couple of days.
    • Car registration renewal: With this option you don’t have to go through the hassle of renewing your car registration as the insurers will do it for you.

    It is important that you compare the benefits you are getting with the car insurance and choose the one where you can add on the optional benefits before taking an insurance. Having a car insurance will help you a long way and save you from avoidable expenses. The optional benefits will also enhance the benefits offered by the car insurance for a little extra cost.

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