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    Noor Bank Health Insurance

    Introduction to Noor Bank Health Insurance in UAE

    Noor Islamic Bank health Insurance offers health insurance plans that ensures that all your financial needs are met when you have a medical emergency. It makes sure that you and your family members have access to the best medical care no matter where you are in the world. The operational framework of takaful is free from elements of riba (interest or usury), gharar (unknown element or ambiguity in the contract) and maysir (gambling). It might be an illness or an injury, Noor Islamic Bank health insurance has you covered.

    Types of Noor Islamic Bank Health Insurance

    The different types of Noor Islamic Bank Health Insurance offered are listed below.

    1. Individual Noor Islamic Bank Health Insurance:

    2. The Individual health insurance offered by Noor Islamic Bank caters only to individuals. The plan offers a wide range of cover for various medical illness and injuries. It will secure the insured’s finances against any unexpected emergencies of hefty hospital bills and treatment bills.

    3. Personal Accident Health Insurance:

    4. Noor Islamic Bank offers Personal Accident Health Insurance protects you against accidental injuries. The plan provides cover against death, total permanent disability, permanent partial disability, repartition, medical expenses. It is a comprehensive Shariah compliant product. The plan lets the participants to have a proportionate share of surplus at the end of Takaful period. The plan is flexible when it comes to mid-term changes and renewal terms.

    5. Family Medical Health Insurance:

    6. Noor Islamic Bank offers Family Medical Health Insurance which offers a wide range of cover. The annual financial limit per individual for this plan is AED 250,000 per year. Listed below are some of the covers offered by the plan.

      • In- patient treatment
      • Cost of private room accommodation
      • Road ambulance
      • Consultations
      • Prescription medicines
      • Parent accommodation
    7. Visit Visa Medical Takaful Plan:

    8. The Visit Visa Medical Takaful Plan offered by Noor Islamic Bank has been effective since 2008. It is a plan approved by the UAE government for the visit visa application. This plan provides medical coverage as required by the UAE visa regulations for all the visitors entering UAE.

    Why choose Noor Islamic Bank Health Insurance?

    Noor Islamic Bank Health Insurance offers different health insurance plans that caters to your different needs. It follows the Shariah compliant health insurance solutions that assures that you get access to the best health care with minimal cost and ensures that all your medical finances are covered.

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    Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

    1. What does Visit Visat Medical Takaful Plan cover?

    2. The Visit Visa Medical Takaful plan offers cover for in-patient treatment for up to maximum of AED 150,000 and repartition of mortal remains up to maximum AED 7,500.

    3. What are the additional benefits offered by the Noor Islamic Personal Accident Plan?

    4. Noor Islamic Personal Accident Plan offers cover for medical expense as an additional benefit.

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