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    Noor Bank Credit Card
    Credit Card
    Annual Fee
    Reward type
    Noor Bank Classic Credit Card
    Annual Fee:
    AED 0
    Reward type:
    Travel, Insurance and Rewards
    Noor Bank Gold Credit Card
    Annual Fee:
    AED 0
    Reward type:
    Travel, Insurance and Rewards
    Noor Bank Mastercard Credit Card
    Annual Fee:
    Reward type:
    Travel, Groceries, Shopping, Cashback, Dining, Entertainment and Rewards
    Noor Bank Platinum Credit Card
    Annual Fee:
    AED 0
    Reward type:
    Travel, Insurance and Rewards

    Noor Bank offers a wide range of credit cards designed to suit the needs of individual customers, with each one striving to fulfil different purposes. Each card comes with unique features designed to provide great benefits to cardholders. Noor Bank Credit cards can be obtained without hassle and offer convenience and flexibility to suit all the needs of a cardholder. Cardholders also earn exclusive reward points each time they use their Noor Bank credit card, making it a win-win situation for them.

    Credit Cards Offered by Noor Bank

    Noor Bank offers a wide range of credit cards designed to cater to the diverse needs of cardholders. The different cards offered by Noor Bank are mentioned below.

    • Best Rate Credit Cards – These cards offer an extremely low profit rate of 1.66% per month and are considered the friendliest credit card one could own, being extremely easy on the pocket. There are three types of Best Rate credit cards one could choose from, Classic, Platinum and Gold, with each offering different benefits designed to suit distinct needs of the cardholder.
    • Reward Credit Cards – Reward credit cards are designed to offer exciting and useful benefits to cardholders every time they are used. These cards are best suited for individuals, couples and families, offering exclusive rewards to them, making every swipe a good one. There are three types of Reward credit cards, Classic, Gold and Platinum, with each designed to suit specific needs.
    • Priority Credit Card – The Priority Credit Card is a power packed card offering elite benefits to cardholders. It offers cardholders the VIP touch, providing privileges at every step of service and banking. It is designed to cater to an exclusive lifestyle and cardholders have access to the best golf clubs, premium gyms and airport services.
    • Wafa Credit Card – The Wafa Credit Card is a special benefits program wherein cardholders earn points every time they use their card at Aswaaq Commu.nity stores. This is an excellent cash back credit card, offering up to 11% cash back on purchases.
    • My Wallet Credit Card – This is designed to provide cardholders with the best of both worlds, offering flexibility and low profit rates. This card comes without any fee and offers high credit limits with a profit rate of just 0.99% per month, making it the perfect option for those who wish to enjoy the best value for their money.
    • SriLankan Airlines Card – The SriLankan Airlines Card is an exclusive travel card, designed to make flying a rewarding experience. Cardholders get special privileges each time they fly with SriLankan Airlines or on any of the One World Airline Alliance flights to destinations across the world.
    • MasterCard Credit Card - The Noor Bank MasterCard Credit Card combines the best features from across the globe and blends them into one card. This card has exclusive tie-ups with leading brands and offers cardholders the best service and deals, designed to live up to the high expectations customers have and to provide them with all the features necessary to suit their sophisticated way of life.

    About Noor Bank

    Noor Bank is one of the fastest growing banks in UAE, offering a comprehensive range of financial products and services. The bank was established in Dubai in the year 2008 and is a collaboration between the Government of Dubai and members of the Royal Family of Dubai. The bank was formerly known as Noor Islamic Bank and was set up by Sheikh Ahmed Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The bank prides itself on its 24x7 service and has branches across UAE. Noor Bank won the award for the “Best New Bank” in 2009, highlighting their dedication and showcasing their wish to improve. The bank strives for innovation and aims to be among the most innovative banks in the world in the next five years.

    Why choose Noor Bank Credit Cards?

    Noor Bank offers a wide range of credit cards designed to suit diverse needs, ensuring that every individual finds a card to match his/her needs. The cards come at extremely low annual fees, making them light on the pocket and the profit rates are extremely competitive, ensuring they don’t have to pay through their noses. Noor Bank has emerged as a strong contender in recent times, offering exceptional services and products and cardholders can fall back onto this service in case they need assistance. The cards are accepted globally, ensuring that cardholders do not face any hassle.

    Noor Bank Credit Card Latest Offers

    Noor Bank credit cardholders have access to exclusive offers and promotions, thanks to their credit card. These promotions cover everything from travel to dining and are meant to make cardholders feel special, while complimenting their lifestyle at the same time. Here are some of the latest promotions offered by Noor Bank Credit Cards.

    • Dining – There are over a hundred dining promotions on offer across UAE, catering to every cuisine and palate.
    • Travel and Spa – There are close to 130 travel and spa promotions on offer to cardholders, covering stay at posh resorts and even stay for pets.
    • Sports – Cardholders have access to exclusive fitness and golf promotions across UAE.
    • Entertainment – Cardholders have access to about 30 exclusive promotions, including biking, desert driving, soccer, photography, among many others.
    • Shopping – Cardholders have access to exclusive shopping discounts at stores across UAE on products ranging from toys to clothes.
    • Attractions/Sightseeing – Cardholders have access to over 30 exclusive sightseeing offers, including scuba diving, boat cruise and desert safari.
    • Samsung Galaxy S6 – Cardholders stand the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S6 when they use their Noor Bank Credit Card internationally.
    Check For Latest Noor Bank Credit Cards Offers

    Features and Benefits of Noor Bank Credit Cards

    Noor Bank credit cards come with a host of features and benefits, designed to cater to all the needs of cardholders. Some of the major features and benefits are mentioned below.

    • Low Rates – Noor Bank credit cards come at extremely low and competitive profit rates.
    • Easy Cash – Cardholders have the option to transfer up to 90% of their unutilised balance to any bank account in the UAE.
    • Credit Shield – Noor Bank credit cardholders get insurance protection on the outstanding balance on their cards. This offers a protection cover in case of any unforeseen incident like permanent total or partial disability, death or involuntary loss of employment.
    • Online Banking – Cardholders can use the online banking facility to make payments and check their card statements.
    • SMS Alerts – Cardholders get SMS alerts on their mobile phones for all transactions, ensuring that they are completely aware of when their card is being used.
    • Security and safety – Noor Bank World Credit Cards come equipped with the latest chip and PIN card technology ensuring better safety and security.
    • Extended Payment Period – Cardholders get extended payment periods of up to 51 days to clear pending dues.
    • Revolving Balance – Cardholders can pay the minimum amount due each month and opt for revolving balance.
    • Global Acceptability – Noor Bank Credit Cards are accepted across the world and can be used to withdraw cash from all their branches in the UAE and at designated ATMs globally.
    • Free Roadside Assistance – Cardholders are automatically enrolled in a Premium Driver Assistance program which provides free roadside assistance, flat tyre replacement, battery boosts, Inter-Emirate towing, emergency fuel, off-road recovery and lock out services, among others.
    • International Driving License – Cardholders get a free international driving license, depending on the type of card they have.
    • Lounge Access – Cardholders get free entry and are entitled to exclusive Meet and Greet Services at the Marhaba Lounge.
    • Travel Desk – Cardholders have exclusive access to a travel desk which takes care of all their travel needs.

    Other products offered by Noor Bank UAE

    Noor Bank offers a range of other products to meet all banking needs a customer could have. Some of their main products are mentioned below.

    • AccountsNoor Bank offers a range of accounts, designed to satisfy individual needs. Some of the accounts on offer are Savings account, Current account, Dual account, Priority account, Advantage account, Payroll account.
    • National Bonds – Noor Bank offers Sharia compliant National Bonds to customers.
    • Deposits – Noor Bank offers two types of deposits, Term Deposit and Wakala Deposit.
    • Banca Takaful – Noor Bank offers Takaful plans for general accident, travel, education, motors, etc.
    • Noor Bank Personal Loan
    • Safe Deposit Lockers
    • Noor Bank Home Loan
    • Noor Bank Car Loan
    • Mutual Funds

    Noor Bank Credit Card – Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can one use their Noor Bank credit card for purchases abroad?
    2. Yes, the Noor Bank credit card can be used for purchases across the world.
    3. Is there any fee for overseas transactions?
    4. Yes, an overseas transaction service fee of 1% is charged by the bank.
    5. How can I pay my Noor Bank credit card bill?
    6. The Noor Bank credit card bill can be paid online, at Noor Bank branches, through phone banking, at UAE and Al Ansari Exchange and through Noor Bank’s Cash or Cheque Deposit Machines.
    7. Does Noor Bank have a travel credit card?
    8. Yes, Noor Bank offers the SriLankan Airlines (Titanium) credit card which offers exclusive travel rewards and benefits.

    News About Noor Bank Credit Cards

    • Noor Banks to offer assured gifts to credit cardholders.

      Noor Bank recently launched a new campaign for its Debit card and MasterCard Credit holders. The promotion will run till 31st August, 2016 offering customers assumed gifts to its Debit and MasterCard holders. The offer is applicable on international purchases.

      Customers would be able to win various attractive gifts like Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone, Samsung LED 65-inch TV, Samsung Gift Vouchers worth AED 250 and AED 750. However, the selection of gifts will be determined by the amount spent on international purchases. Customers can participate in this campaign by sending an SMS to 3526 writing ‘INT’. If a person spends between AED 10,000 to AED 25,000, he/she will get a Samsung Gift Voucher worth AED 250. Cardholders  who make an international spend of  AED 25,000 to AED 40,000  will qualify for a Samsung Gift Voucher worth AED 750; and cardholders who uses their Noor Bank Credit/Debit Cards to make international  spends of AED 40,000 to AED 70,000 will get a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge each. If a cardholder is spending over AED 70,000 on international purchase would get a Samsung LED 65 inch TV.

      Noor Bank has created this campaign to provide the most rewarding benefits to its valuable customers and also offer them value for money.  Eyad Al-Kourdi, the country head of MasterCard UAE, says that the company quite excited about working with Noor Bank to execute this camping. It is expected that the campaign would be able to drive greater awareness as to the benefits of usage of electronic payments.

      29th june 2016

    • Noor Bank net operating profit announced: Dh561 million.

      Announcing a 40% increase in their profits from the year 2014 – 2015, Noor Bank reported on Sunday that their net operating profit from operations in the year 2015 was no less than Dh561 million.

      The increased profits are reportedly a result of skyrocketing increases in fees and commission based income up 73%, and an overall rise of 35% from financing-related activities.

      25th April 2016

    • Noor Bank credit card holders can get 5% cashback!

      Noor Bank, one of the leading banks in UAE has come up with a new limited offer for its credit card customers that will help them save money as they spend it. Customers who apply for Noor Bank credit card during this limited period promotional offer will avail 5% cashback on all of their purchases. This move comes after the bank achieved a 60% growth in the customer base in 2015.The bank is aiming to provide Master card holders value added benefits along with 5% cashback on the purchases through this campaign.

      07th March 2016

    • UAE’s leading Shari’a compliant bank, Noor Bank bags 3 awards

      The leading Shari’a compliant bank of UAE, Noor Bank clutches their 3 awards from the Personal Banking from the International Finance Magazine (IFM). The London based financial publication, acknowledges individuals, banks, and financial institutions for the offerings to the finance industry. The 3 awards bagged by Noor Bank were for the categories, Best Rebranded Credit Card, UAE 2015; Best Islamic Auto Finance Provider, UAE 2015; and Best Islamic Personal Finance Provider, UAE 2015.

      13th January 2016

    • MasterCard and Noor Bank Offer Rewards for International Spending

      A campaign initiated by MasterCard allows customers to avail great offers and rewards until the 31st of January, 2016. These rewards include returns on your MasterCard debit and credit card spends. During the campaign, customers who buy products and services with their MasterCard debit and credit cards internationally can avail a number of guaranteed gifts from Samsung, like the Samsung Gear Circle for spends exceeding AED 10,000, the Samsung Gear S2 for spends exceeding AED 20,000 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ for spends upwards of AED 30,000. A representative of the bank said that the partnership between Samsung and MasterCard expects to reward customers for their continued operations with Noor Bank.

      04th January 2016

    • Noor Bank wins three awards

      Noor Bank won ‘Most Innovative Islamic Credit Card UAE 2015’, ‘Best Islamic Bank for Auto Financing UAE 2015’ and ‘Best Islamic Bank for Personal Financing UAE 2015’ from Global Banking and Finance Review 2015. Global Banking and Finance Review Awards has been recognising innovation, achievement, strategy, progressive and inspirational changes that are taking place in the Global Financial community since its inception.

      10th December 2015

    • 9 month profits up by 43% for Noor Bank

      Noor Bank of the UAE has posted profits of AED 451 million over the first 9 months of 2015. Its Islamic products alone showed an increase in income of 41% while the income from other businesses rose by 44%. The total assets of the bank rose by 34% to come up to AED 38.9 billion. The bank reported a coverage ratio of 109% even as it managed to keep the impaired financing ratios down to 4.7%. It also holds the title of having one of the lowest advances to deposits ratios at 76%. Customer deposits remained the main source of income for the bank and saw an increase of 29% as compared to deposits from the end of 2014. Even the return on equity for the bank has come up to 18% from its previous standing of 16.2%.

      20th November 2015

    • Shariah-compliant equities index launched by Noor Bank

      Noor Bank is going to launch their Shariah-compliant equities index they announced, this index will be linked to European equities which will be exclusively for the bank’s priority customer and high net worth clients. The investments will be made in 20 different European equities conforming to Islamic principles that will reflect the core values of the bank. With the uncertain global climate, the investor will be investing in a product which will have low risk, and volatility. And picking the stocks will be an approach with an attractive option. The investors will access the European equity markets with safer investments and increase their returns from these investments as well

      01st November 2015

    • Noor Bank to launch a special gift voucher for its valued customers

      Noor Bank, one of the leading banks in the UAE, decides to launch an exclusive gift voucher for its dedicated customers. The launch will be done in GITEX Shopper 2015 - the annual personal gadget festival in Dubai. All customers spending over AED 2,500 with their Noor Bank Credit Card or Debit card for consuming electronic devices will get a Samsung voucher worth AED 100. The voucher can be redeemed for any Samsung product within the UAE. The bank thinks that by coinciding the launch of the gift voucher with GITEX Shopper 2015, it would be able to draw attention of the serious electronic shoppers.

      05th October 2015

    • Strengthening ties regarding international banking on top of Noor Bank’s list

      A delegation of Sri Lankan officials visit the key financial institutions within the UAE. Noor Bank played host to the delegation with the intention of increasing their bond with the Sri Lankan banking sector and hopeful future long term partnerships. Noor Bank also mentioned they were hoping to expand their activity in Sri Lanka, leading to prosperity and benefits for both banking sectors of the countries.

      30th September 2015

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