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    NBF Credit Card
    Credit Card
    Annual Fee
    Reward type
    NBF Classic Credit Card
    Annual Fee:
    AED 0
    Reward type:
    Travel, Insurance, Shopping, Cashback, Dining, Entertainment, Rewards and Lifestyle
    NBF Platinum Exclusive Credit Card
    Annual Fee:
    AED 0
    Reward type:
    Groceries, Shopping, Cashback, Dining, Entertainment and Lifestyle

    NBF offers some of the most popular credit cards in UAE. These credit cards offer various unique features and rewards apart from regular credit card features. Customers can avail these credit cards either by making an online application or by walking into any of the NBF bank branches. These credit cards open a world of exciting discounts, premium benefits and dedicated services.

    Credit Cards Offered by NBF

    National Bank of Fujairah offers the following two credit cards.

    • NBF Classic Credit Card

    • This credit card from NBF is one of the most rewarding credit cards in terms of cashbacks and rewards. The most significant feature of this credit card is that it offers 30% cashback on movie tickets at nearly all movie theatres in the UAE. With a maximum of AED 150 cash back per month this translates into almost 4 free movie tickets per month. Also enjoy a host of travel, dining and shopping deals when you pay using your NBF Classic credit card.

    • NBF Platinum Executive Credit Card

    • NBF platinum credit card is unique since it offers one of the most exclusive reward programs in the platinum card category. The card offer global acceptability and offer 2% cashback across all spends. Enjoy your air travel with priority pass membership across 100 countries worldwide and avail other amazing features and benefits too.

    About National Bank of Fujairah (NBF) Bank

    Established in the year 1982, National Bank of Fujairah has experience in the areas of corporate banking as well as retail banking. The personal banking wing of the bank is also quite strong and the personal finance schemes from NBF are quite competitive and flexible.

    NBF bank has been a leader in the development of banking related products and services in the UAE. The functions of the bank range from asset management to retail banking to corporate finance and so on. The bank is a major player as a partner with leading global counterparts.

    The bank basically aims at providing financial aid and services to help citizens leverage growth opportunities. NBF strives towards providing innovative and value-added services to its customers.

    Why choose NBF Credit Card?

    NBF offers credit cards that suit a variety of customer requirements. With benefits ranging from cashbacks to dining deals to exclusive airport pass, these cards truly provide amazing deals and discounts across a host of categories. Carry NBF cards wherever you go and avail great deals not just in the UAE but in every country that you visit. You can use these cards to pay your utility bills, avail installments against purchases made, enjoy cash advance facility, balance transfer features as well as auto debit option.

    NBF Credit Card Latest Offers

    You can enjoy a lot of discounts and offers in various categories by using the credit cards offered by National Bank of Fujairah. Listed below are the special promotional offers given by NBF Credit Cards:

    • Latest offers on shopping
    • Zero interest payment plan
    • Restaurant and dining deals
    • Travel deals as well as special airport assistance plus airport lounge access
    • Offers on jewellery
    • Offers across health and wellness outlets
    • Leisure and entertainment offers like movie ticket cashbacks etc.
    • Exclusive offers for platinum card holders
    Check For Latest NBF Credit Cards Offers

    Features & Benefits of NBF Credit Card

    • Enjoy easy payments on a host of purchases made using the NBF credit card
    • Avail balance transfer facility from other credit cards to NBF
    • Avail EZ Draft Facility by using which you can get access to additional funds for sudden expenses
    • Enjoy global acceptability at over 20 million establishments and instant cash withdrawal at any bank across the globe
    • Get cash advance facility and withdraw up to 40% of your available credit limit at any Visa ATM across the globe
    • Get up to four supplementary cards and gift them to your family members for easy and convenient credit card usage
    • Avail auto debit facility and enjoy the flexibility of making payment
    • Get free SMS notification and avail online banking
    • Enjoy foreign transactions with NBF credit cards
    • Avail 1% cashback on every AED 100 that you spend via NBF credit card
    • Also enjoy cash back on movie tickets
    • 24/7 customer support
    • For up to 50 days, get Interest-free credit
    • Flexible payment options
    • Minimum finance charges
    • Avail exciting monthly promotions
    • Exciting air travel experience at 600 airport lounges across 100 countries.

    Other Products offered by NBF UAE:

    Apart from offering credit cards, National Bank of Fujairah offers a host of other products and services which include:

    • NRI services which include Home loans in India and money transfer to India etc.
    • Investment products like Wealth Design and Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) etc.
    • Debit cards
    • NBF Personal Loan both for both UAE Nationals and expatriates
    • Education Loan
    • NBF Car Loan
    • Mortgage Services
    • Active Saver Accounts
    • Current Accounts
    • Savings Account
    • NBF Fixed Deposit Account
    • Privilege banking benefits and relationship banking etc.
    • Several ways of banking which include - NBF Personal Internet Banking, e-Statement, Mobile Banking, ATM, Contact Centre and Interactive Voice Response
    • Motor Insurance
    • Home Content Insurance
    • Salary proposition
    • Business banking
    • Government and liability management
    • Treasury Services
    • Loan syndication
    • Trade Services

    NBF Credit Card – Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can I make utility bill payment with my NBF Credit Card?
    2. Yes, you can make utility bill payments by using your NBF Credit Card.
    3. Does NBF provide any credit card to meet my travel needs?
    4. Yes, Platinum Exclusive credit card offers amazing travel deals as well as access to premium airport lounges across the globe.
    5. What is the credit limit for NBF credit cards?
    6. The credit limit for your credit card depends upon a number of factors like your monthly salary, the type of card requested and so on.
    7. What benefits does a supplementary card holder enjoy on NBF credit cards?
    8. Supplementary credit cardholder enjoys exactly the same benefits as the primary cardholder of NBF credit cards.
    9. What is the mode of payment of credit card bills?
    10. NBF credit card bills can be paid either via cash or cheque or through an auto debit instruction set up by you for your NBF account.
    11. What is EZ draft facility?
    12. EZ draft facility lets you transfer your available NBF credit card limit to you by way of cheque, draft or account transfer. This facility can also be used to make payments to any retail merchant who does not accept credit card transactions.

    News About NBF Credit Card

    • Banker Middle East Industry Awards: National Bank of Fujairah Voted As Best corporate and commercial bank in the UAE again

      National Bank of Fujairah (NBF) made an announcement that they have been awarded the "Best Corporate Bank UAE" as well as "Best Commercial Bank UAE" Banker Middle East Industry Awards 2016. The latest win at the banking awards is for the second time that NBF has won the award as the best local corporate bank trophy. It is even more essential to note that it has been awarded the best domestic commercial bank for the fifth year in a row. The Banker Middle East Industry Awards is organised by CPI Financialise each year to showcase the best in financial services across the region, where the winners are selected through pure public voting.

      The bank is also one of the first of its kind to in UAE to be able to establish a team specialised in SMEs and hence earned the goodwill of being a reliable partner for SMEs under good and bad circumstances. NBF’s business banking unit is an important part of C&IB, with around 2,500 companies in their portfolio consistently delivering great growth in loans.

      20th May 2016

    • NBF to support local talents

      National Bank of Fujairah continues its support to the local talents in the UAE by participating in various career fairs. The bank continues its support for the development of local talents in the UAE for the 5th consecutive years. The bank recently participated in a three day long Fujairah Career Fair 2016 encouraging participants to take part in its career development programs. The bank has also extended its support to “Tawdheef 2016” held in Abu Dhabi. Also, it has a plan to participate another upcoming career fair to be held in Dubai.

      05th May 2016

    • NBF’s Q1 growth increases by 7%

      National Bank of Fujairah - one of the leading banks in the UAE reports a net profit of Dh150.5 million in the 1st quarter of 2016, which is 7% up compared to Dh 149.5 million in the previous year. Operating profit as well as operating income of the bank are up by 18.5% and 14% respectively in Q1. In the same quarter, income from Islamic Financing and Net Interest also increased to 9.2%.

      Simultaneously, income received from commissions and net fees rise by 17%. Income from foreign exchange and derivatives also increase to 10.2% compared to the previous year. In 2016, operating expenses of the bank and its cost-to-income ratio increase to 6.2% and 33.7 % respectively. In March 2015, cost-to-income ratio of the bank was 36.2%.

      Currently, operating profit of the bank is Dh 223.1 million which is up by 18.5%, compared to Dh 188.3 million in 2015. Islamic financing receivables, loans and advances of the bank also increase to 5.9% from 19.7 billion in 2015. Likewise, profits received from Customer Deposits and Islamic Customer Deposits in 2016 are also up in this quarter, compared to 2015.

      02nd May 2016

    • Sharp business model makes NBF stand out among peers

      A large number of banks in UAE have reported a sharp decline in profit growth and asset quality considering the increasingly challenging environment. But NBF is a total exception when it comes to this. The bank has reported a net profit worth AED 453.8 billion for the ninth month period in September, up to 29% when compared to Dh 369.2 million in the same period last year. A very sharp business model and a close study of the market has helped NBF sail through these tough times better over other companies.

      17th November 2015

    • National Bank of Fujairah launches its office in Abu Dhabi

      The new corporate office of the National Bank of Fujairah has opened in Abu Dhabi strengthening its networks and increasing its client services in the UAE. The office will be located in the capital district to be able to get into the business growth opportunities in the cities of Mussafah, Mohammed Bin Zayed and Al Falah to develop services in the manufacturing and services sectors.

      29th September 2015

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