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    NBF Car Insurance

    NBF Car Insurance Coverage

    NBF car insurance has gold, silver and platinum options with benefits as per the following table:

    Features of cover Silver Gold Platinum
    Cost of vehicle AED 80,000 AED 10,00,000 AED 50,000-AED 10,00,000
    Physical damage Covered Covered Covered
    3rd party property damage AED 1 million AED 3.5 million AED 5 million
    Geography UAE, Oman, Qatar UAE, Oman, Qatar UAE, Oman, Qatar
    Agency repair 1st year 3 years 5 years
    Courtesy car cash AED 215 AED 215 Free
    Windscreen damage N/A Up to AED 3000 Up to AED 5000
    PAB to driver AED 120 AED 120 AED 120
    PAB to passenger AED 30 AED 30 AED 30
    Lock replacement N/A Up to AED 1000 Up to AED 1000

    Introduction to NBF Car Insurance in UAE

    If you have spent a lot of time saving up the money to buy the car of your dreams, then the last thing you’d want is to have it damaged in an event outside your control. But such situations can crop up. There could be an instance where your car is damaged in an accident with another vehicle or in riots or even in an act of nature like an earthquake. If it does get damaged, you can be assured that the bill you will get is going to be massive and put a strain on your savings. Worse yet, imagine your car is stolen; what can you do? There is just one solution to all these headaches and that is a NBF car insurance.

    Features and Benefits of NBF Car Insurance

    • Comprehensive motor insurance that protects for damages in case of riots, natural calamities, earthquakes and strikes
    • In the event of physical injury, unlimited third party cover
    • You can repair your car at dealership for of up to five years
    • The policy covers against valet parking theft and loss of personal belongings
    • In case of accident, get emergency hospitalization cover for up to AED 5,000
    • If keys or remotes are lost and stolen, replacement of locks
    • Up to AED 5,000 to cover windshield damage

    Fees and Charges of NBF Car Insurance - Premium Costs, Loading

    Premium rates depend on many factor like make, model and condition of car, its claim history and driver’s age and experience.

    Why choose NBF Car Insurance?

    NBF car insurance products provide you with a complete protection plan that can cover damage or theft of the car. It also covers things like agency repairs, physical damage to the car and damage to a third party’s property which can be as high as AED 5 million. Another thing that is in NBF’s favour is that they provide a choice when it comes to the insurance plans. They have have 3 plan, the details of which are mentioned below.

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    Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

    1. What are the documents required?

    2. A customer needs to produce his passport copy, Copy of UAE driving license, driving license copy from any other country if UAE license is less than a year old, or a copy of trade-license if it’s a company owned vehicle. If it is a used vehicle, additionally RTA vehicle registration card and Insurance survey report are required.

    3. Can I choose where the vehicle will be repaired?

    4. If you’ve chose dealership option, the car can be repaired in the car dealership for 5 years. Otherwise Oman Insurance may send it to one of its authorized repair centres.

    5. How is the claim calculated?

    6. All repair costs are borne by Oman Insurance and you have to pay the excess amount from you pocket. If the driver is below 25 years, another excess of 10% over standard excess is charged.

    7. Why excess is charged?

    8. Excess is the contributory part from a driver if he is found at fault. Oman Insurance has very low excess rates. No excess is charged for windshield damage.

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