• NBAD Travel Insurance

    NBAD Travel Insurance

    Introduction to NBAD Travel Insurance in UAE

    National bank of Abu Dhabi or NBAD offers different travel insurance policies to help you experience a better travel. The second largest lender in the United Arab Emirates, National Bank of Abu Dhabi offers three different travel insurance policies to its customers. They are:

    Travel Smart Insurance: It provides cover for your medical emergencies, trip cancellation fees and many more travel related needs.

    Travel Family Insurance: This insurance policy enables you and your entire family experience a safe travel. It provides instant cover for trip cancellation fees, medical emergencies etc.

    Travel Schengen: This travel insurance policy provides compulsory cover required to get a travel visa for any Schengen countries.

    Features and Benefits of NBAD Travel Insurance

    Travel insurance offered by National Bank of Abu Dhabi offers the following attractive features and benefits:

    • All the travel insurance policies by NBAD offers 24/7 claim assistance service.
    • Emergency medical cover is available.
    • NBAD travel insurance policies also include personal liabilities, transportation and repatriation, personal accident, emergency dental cover etc.
    • You can buy these policies online. Else, you can visit your nearest branch of NBAD to buy them.

    Eligibility Criteria for NBAD Travel Insurance

    You can purchase the travel insurance policies offered by National Bank of Abu Dhabi by submitting a copy of your passport along with a filled application form wherein your need to put all your required personal information.

    Premiums of NBAD Travel Insurance

    Premiums charged by NBAD on the travel insurance policies may vary based on the tenure of the policy and a particular scheme taken by you.

    Why choose NBAD Travel Insurance?

    Travel insurance policies offered by National Bank of Abu Dhabi provide you a host of benefits. The bank offers three different types of travel insurance plans to best suit your individual needs. By purchasing these policies, you can go to any corner of the world without thinking about your finance. These travel insurance plans by NBAD will protect you, if you encounter any unforeseen incidents such as personal accident, loss of baggage, cancellation of trip during your travel period.

    Other products offered by National Bank of Abu Dhabi in UAE are:

    NBAD Credit Cards

    NBAD Car Insurance

    NBAD Life Insurance

    Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

    1. How many travel insurance policies does NBAD offer?

    2. NBAD offers three travel insurance policies namely - Travel Smart Insurance, Travel Family Insurance and Travel Schengen.

    3. Is 27/7 claim assistance service available with NBAD Travel Insurance?

    4. Yes, it is available.

    5. What is Travel Schengen all about?

    6. It is a travel insurance scheme that offers compulsory cover when you travel to any Schengen countries.

    7. What are some of the exclusions under NBAD Travel Insurance plan?

    8. Travel Insurance policies offered by NBAD do not include the followings – risky sports or professional practice of sports, cover in one’s own country or country of residence, theft unreported within 24 hours, and works undertaken on holidays. These exclusion apply to all the three travel insurance policies offered by NBAD.

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