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    NBAD Credit Card
    Credit Card
    Annual Fee
    Reward type
    NBAD Aldar Academies Visa Platinum Credit Card
    Annual Fee:
    AED 0
    Reward type:
    Travel, Insurance, Shopping, Dining, Entertainment, Rewards and Lifestyle
    NBAD Classic Credit Card
    Annual Fee:
    AED 0
    Reward type:
    Travel, Insurance, Shopping, Dining, Entertainment, Rewards and Lifestyle
    NBAD Gems Titanium Credit Card
    Annual Fee:
    AED 0
    Reward type:
    Travel, Insurance, Groceries, Shopping, Dining, Entertainment, Rewards, Student and Lifestyle
    NBAD Gold Credit Card
    Annual Fee:
    AED 0
    Reward type:
    Travel, Insurance, Groceries, Shopping, Dining, Entertainment, Rewards and Lifestyle
    NBAD Mastercard World Credit Card
    Annual Fee:
    AED 0
    Reward type:
    Travel, Insurance, Shopping, Groceries, Entertainment, Rewards and Lifestyle
    NBAD One Pro Visa Signature Credit Card
    Annual Fee:
    AED 0
    Reward type:
    Travel, Insurance, Groceries, Shopping, Dining, Entertainment, Rewards and Lifestyle
    NBAD Platinum Credit Card
    Annual Fee:
    AED 0
    Reward type:
    Travel, Insurance, Groceries, Shopping, Dining, Entertainment, Rewards and Lifestyle
    NBAD Real Madrid Platinum Credit Card
    Annual Fee:
    AED 0
    Reward type:
    Travel, Insurance, Groceries, Shopping, Dining, Entertainment, Rewards and Lifestyle
    NBAD Real Madrid World Elite Credit Card
    Annual Fee:
    AED 0
    Reward type:
    Travel, Insurance, Rewards and Lifestyle
    NBAD Spirit Of Union Platinum Credit Card
    Annual Fee:
    AED 0
    Reward type:
    Travel, Insurance, Groceries, Shopping, Dining, Entertainment, Rewards and Lifestyle
    NBAD Visa Infinite Credit Card
    Annual Fee:
    AED 0
    Reward type:
    Travel, Insurance, Groceries, Shopping, Dining, Entertainment, Rewards and Lifestyle

    The National Bank of Abu Dhabi offers a wide range of credit cards designed to suit the multiple needs of its customers, with each one trying to fulfil different purposes. Each card comes with unique features and offers great benefits to cardholders. The cards can be obtained without hassle and offer convenience and flexibility to suit individual needs. Cardholders also earn exclusive rewards each time they use their NBAD credit card, making it a win-win situation for them.

    Credit Cards Offered by NBAD

    The National Bank of Abu Dhabi offers a wide range of credit cards designed to cater to specific needs of individuals. The different cards offered by NBAD are mentioned below.

    • Real Madrid World Elite Credit Card – This card is specially designed for football lovers and offers exclusive VIP football experiences that every football fan craves for. A slew of exclusive lifestyle benefits are also provided, to complement this VIP experience.
    • MasterCard World Credit Card – This card is designed for the travel lover, catering to their travel needs across the globe. It offers exclusive travel benefits and ensures peace of mind to cardholders each time they travel, with free travel insurance of up to 1 million US Dollars.
    • Visa Infinite Credit Card – This card, as the name suggests, offers an infinite range of features and services to cardholders. It is designed to cater to a luxurious lifestyle, offering lifestyle privileges like no other card. Cardholders have access to complimentary concierge services and exclusive fitness deals, ensuring they live life to the fullest.
    • NBAD One Pro Visa Signature Credit Card – This is an exclusive card which acts as a perfect partner to those who have a NBAD One Pro Account. Cardholders get access to an elite lifestyle club and can enjoy benefits such as yacht charter and special travel reservations.
    • Platinum Credit Card- The Platinum credit card is a card designed to cater to multiple needs and can be considered as the “All in One” card, offering convenience and practicality to cardholders.
    • Spirit of Union Platinum Credit Card – This card is a tribute to the nation and is designed to evoke a sense of belonging and pride among cardholders. It offers a host of services catering to individuals who live and work in UAE.
    • Real Madrid Platinum Credit Card – This card is designed for the die-hard fans of Real Madrid Football Club, with the goal of bringing them closer to the team and all the on-field action.
    • GEMS Titanium Credit Card – This is the first dedicated educational credit card in UAE and has been designed keeping in mind the educational needs of individuals. Cardholders get special offers on payment of GEMS school fees when they use this card.
    • Gold Credit Card – The Gold Credit Card offers a world of convenience and flexibility to cardholders and opens doors to a new world of shopping benefits.
    • Classic Credit Card – The Classic Credit Card comes without any fee and is completely free for life, offering simplicity and convenience.
    • NBAD Aldar Academies Visa Platinum Credit Card – This card is designed to facilitate the education of students and offers a way to combat rising school fees. It ensures that parents of school kids do not have to worry about tuition fees, giving them a sense of security and peace of mind.

    About National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD)

    The National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) is a pioneer in the banking scene in UAE, having a history of close to five decades. The bank was founded by the founder of UAE, late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan in 1968 and was the first local bank of Abu Dhabi. The bank has played a crucial role in transforming the way banking is done in UAE and is today one of the leading banks in the country with branches in 18 countries across the world. The bank offers services designed to cater to the individual needs of customers and is highly regarded as one of the best financial service providers in the country.

    Why choose NBAD Credit Cards?

    NBAD Credit Cards come equipped with the best features and benefits, offering simple and easy solutions to customer needs. The great service which NBAD is known for makes it an added benefit as cardholders can use their cards without tension, knowing that they can always fall back on the bank if the need arises. Global acceptability and a wide range of cards ensures that each individual finds a card which perfectly matches his/her needs.

    NBAD Credit Cards Offers

    Cardholders enjoy access to exclusive promotions thanks to their NBAD Credit Card. These promotions cover everything from dining to travel and are meant to compliment the lifestyle of the cardholder. Here are some the latest promotions offered by NBAD Credit Cards.

    • Dining Offers – There are exclusive Ramadan Dining offers wherein cardholders can enjoy discounts of up to 30% on food at restaurants across UAE.
    • Fashion and Lifestyle Offers – There are four offers on fashion and lifestyle products which offer discounts of up to 40% on select items.
    • Travel and Hotel Offers – There are 22 offers on travel and hotel products, offering discounts of up to 30% on hotel stay across UAE.
    • Health and Spa Offers – There are two spa vouchers offering 20% discount on various treatments and services.
    • Jewellery Offers – There is one offer on Jewellery wherein cardholders can get 75% discount on pearl and diamond jewellery at Cara.
    • General Offers – There are 8 general offers on products ranging from furniture to vehicle needs, offering discounts of up to 30%.
    Check For Latest NBAD Credit Cards Offers

    NBAD Stars Program

    NBAD Stars Loyalty Program is a rewards program offered by the National Bank of Abu Dhabi. For every purchase you make using the NBAD credit card, you will earn NBAD Stars. You can also collect the Bonus Stars from the various NBAD Stars Participating Partners. The participating partners include travel agents, airlines, restaurants, hotels, etc. You earn a NBAD Star on every purchase you make with NBAD credit cards. The participating NBAD credit cards include Classic, Gold, Infinite, and Platinum or GEMS Titanium credit card. For every dirham spent, you earn the following NBAD Stars:

    • Classic- 1 NBAD Star
    • Gold- 1 NBAD Star
    • Platinum or GEMS Titanium- 1.5 NBAD Star
    • Infinite card- 1.75 NBAD Star

    You can redeem your NBAD Stars for any airline and any destination instantly. You can also redeem your NBAD Stars by calling the call centre for the Stars Card or Stars Gift Card, Emirates Skywards Miles, Etihad Guest Miles, and flydubai e-vouchers.

    Al-Futtaim NBAD Stars is also a rewards program offered by the NBAD. You earn Al-Futtaim NBAD Stars every time you make a purchase using your credit card. You earn:

    • 2 Al-Futtaim NBAD Stars for spends at Al-Futtaim stores and showrooms.
    • 1 Al-Futtaim NBAD Stars for spends everywhere else.

    You can choose to redeem the Al-Futtaim NBAD Stars through cashback, guest miles and Emirates Skywards Miles.

    NBAD Stars Validity

    The Al-Futtaim NBAD Stars and NBAD Stars are valid for 3 years from the last day of the month on which you earned the Al-Futtaim NBAD Stars and the NBAD Stars.

    Features and Benefits of NBAD Credit Cards

    NBAD Credit cards offer a range of benefits and features to cardholders. Some of the major ones are highlighted below.

    • Grace period ; A grace period of up to 56 days is provided to make interest free payments on retail purchases.
    • SMS Alerts ; Cardholders get SMS alerts and a One Time Password for each transaction. This improves security and allows cardholders to keep a tab on their purchases.
    • Easy Payment Plans ; Cardholders get easy payment plans, easy cash and other convenient options to pay for their purchases.
    • Travel Accident Insurance - Cardholders get complimentary travel accident insurance cover of up to 1 million USD when they use their NBAD Credit Card to purchase tickets.
    • Credit Shield Plus ; This provides cardholders protection against unexpected events. The outstanding balance on the credit card is taken care of in case of any unforeseen circumstances under this plan.
    • Purchase Protection; Cardholders get purchase protection and an extended warranty period of 12 months beyond the manufacturer/retailer warranty when they make purchases with their NBAD Credit Card.
    • Fraudulent Charge Protection; Cardholders get Purchase and Fraudulent Charges Protection cover under which they are protected in case of any fraudulent purchase made with their card.
    • Fitness membership; Cardholders are entitled to Fitness First membership at low costs.
    • Movie tickets ; Cardholders get movie tickets at discounted rates.
    • Airport Transfers - Cardholders get complimentary Airport Transfer Services on booking tickets with their NBAD Credit card.
    • Meet and Greet ; Cardholders get complimentary Meet and Greet Services at Abu Dhabi and Dubai Airports.
    • VIP Lounge Access ; Cardholders get exclusive VIP airport lounge access across the Middle East.

    Other Products offered by NBAD UAE

    The National Bank of Abu Dhabi offers a slew of other programs to meet all banking needs a customer could have. Some of their other main products are mentioned below.

    • Insurance - Car insurance, property insurance, life insurance, travel insurance and home contents insurance.
    • NBAD Personal Loan
    • NBAD Car Loan
    • NBAD Home Loan
    • Debit cards and prepaid cards.
    • Accounts - Savings account, current account and fixed deposits.
    • Investment; NBAD funds, savings plans, securities brokerage and structured products.
    • Islamic Banking
    • Foreign exchange
    • Safe Deposit boxes
    • Transfer and remittance of money

    NBAD Credit Card – Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Does NBAD offer any credit card to aid education?
    2. Yes, NBAD offers two credit cards which are designed to reduce the burden of tuition fees, the GEMS Titanium Credit Card and the Aldar Academies Visa Platinum Credit Card.
    3. Does NBAD have a reward program for its Credit Cards?
    4. Yes, NBAD has a program called NBAD Stars, which is an exclusive reward points system for NBAD credit cards.
    5. Does one earn NBAD Stars every time they use their NBAD Credit Card?
    6. Yes, cardholders earn NBAD Stars every time they use their credit card. The Stars earned depend on the type of card used, with certain cards earning higher reward points compared to others.
    7. What are the documents required to obtain a NBAD Credit card?
    8. The documents needed vary depending on whether an individual has a salary account with NBAD bank. The basic documents needed are a copy of the passport for expats, national ID card, a security cheque, latest bank statement, salary slip and completed application form. These documents can change depending on the type of card being applied for.

    News About NBAD Credit Cards

    • NBAD and FGB to tie-up with each other

      The National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) and First Gulf Bank (FGB) are undergoing discussions to merge or combine themselves and become the largest lender by assets in the UAE. Discussions are going on as to how to merge or combine the businesses of both the banks. To review the business potential, legal and structural aspect of this merger, working group has been formed consisting of senior executives of the two banks. After the completion of this review, the working group will provide its report to the Board of Directors of each of the banks. After that, it will be clear whether the two banks would go for merger or combination. Currently, there is no certainty as to where this discussion would lead to- merger or combination. Currently, the market values of NBAD and FGB remain at $11.3 billion and $14.4 billion respectively. It is expected that the NBAD-FGB tie-up might encourage other banks to come forward and make partnership with each other. Currently, the Middle East is full with over 50 banks.

      21st June 2016

    • NBAD’s Net Profit down by 11% in Q1

      The National Bank of Abu Dhabi experiences a fall in its net profit in the 1st quarter of 2016. The reported a net profit of Dh1.27 billion for the first quarter of 2016. Compared to the 1st quarter of 205, the profit was down by 11%. However, on quarter on quarter basis, the total profit of the bank is up by 23%. At the end of the 1st quarter of 2016, the total assets of the banks was at Dh400 billion. Loan and advances of the bank are also down by 3% and comes down to Dh200 billion.

      02nd May 2016

    • NBAD Hikes 2015 Dividend from Dh0.40 to Dh0.45

      National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) has raised its dividend for 2015 in response to pressure from investors. The bank’s recent shareholder meeting approved dividend payment of Dh0.45 per share, up from the Dh0.40 it proposed to pay in January while announcing its annual results.

      This move brings up the bank’s dividends at par with Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, which paid Dh0.45 for 2015. However, the higher dividends could put pressure on the bank’s capital as the lower oil prices are impacting business conditions. Several UAE banks face the same dilemma – between rewarding shareholders and jeopardising the capital.

      NBAD chief executive Alex Thursby, however, said deposits have been on the rise so far this year, strengthening the bank’s liquidity position. The bank has no plans to expand to new markets this year, he said.

      21st March 2016

    • National Bank of Abu Dhabi is hoping new strategy pays off

      National Bank of Abu Dhabi has made investments wherein the dividend is paying off now. They feel their future still remains in good light, despite falling oil prices. NBAD has invested mainly in retail business, as well as other trade finance. The exact amount of investment isn’t broken down yet, but the NBAD has 10% growth from last years Dh3.69 billion to Dh4.08 billion

      04th March 2016

    • MENA Income and Growth Fund from NBAD, gives dividend of 2.0%

      The MENA Income and Growth Fund from National Bank of Abu Dhabi's NBAD, has announced a 2.0% semi-annual dividend distribution to investors. The fund earned an income in dividends equalizing AED 2,753,575.44 from a period of 7th August 2015 up until 4th February 2016, which when annualized is a 4.04% dividend. Investors who are eligible for the dividends will receive a 2.0% dividend payment on a half yearly payout. For every unit of the fund, a payout of AED 0.062538 will be made.

      29th February 2016

    • NBAD Net Profits Down by 6 Percent to AED 5.232 Billion

      The net profits of National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) fell by 6 percent to AED 5.232 billion for the fiscal year 2015. The earnings per share went down to AED 0.95 from AED 1.02 for the fiscal year 2014.The fourth-quarter net profits of the bank were down by 25 percent year-on-year, and 22 percent over the previous quarter. The NBAD set aside AED 219 million as collective provisions as buffer for future contingencies, which led to an increase in net impairment charges.

      The bank’s investment in talent, operations and infrastructure resulted in an increase of 10 percent from the previous year in expenses. International deposits grew from 24 percent of the total deposits a year ago, to 37 percent. NBAD’s return on equity stood at 12.9 per cent in the fiscal year, lower than the mid-term target of 15 percent.The underlying growth in key businesses were offset by the continuing weak market and challenges in liquidity conditions.

      29th January 2016

    • NBAD Completes 40 Years of Successful Operations in Egypt

      In 1975, the National Bank of Abu Dhabi extended its operations to Egypt in an effort to expand the bank’s operations. Last week the bank celebrated 40 years of success so far as its Egyptian market is concerned. To add to the celebrations, the bank also implemented a new 5-year plan that concentrates on a progressive business model that directs foreign currencies into Egypt.

      NBAD was UAE’s first bank to enter the Egyptian market and has grown impressively since, with over 700 Egyptians being employed by the bank.

      18th November 2015

    • NBAD announces discounts for credit card holders

      The National Bank of Abu Dhabi has announced discounts on leisure activities booked using their credit cards. Passes bought for the aquarium or the ice rink and the underwater zoo in Dubai will be eligible for a discount of 25%. These offers are available till the 30th of April 2016 and will require the presence of the cardholder when the purchase is made. Other terms and conditions may also apply to them, including the fact that to be eligible for these offers, cardholders may have to pay for the services using their NBAD credit cards.

      06th November 2015

    • The National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) NBAD suffers 3% profit slip in Q3

      National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) reported net profits slipped by 3% year-on-year and 8% sequentially at Dh1.32 billion in the third quarter of 2015. The net profits for the first nine months of 2015 were recorded at Dh4.19 billion, relatively flat as compared to Dh4.2 billion in the same period in 2014.

      Net profits in the third quarter declined year-on-year and sequentially as a result of liquidity and a challenging market. In a statement released by the bank, Alex Thursby, Group Chief Executive of NBAD said that though the bank generated solid results in the global wholesale products, the business was adversely impacted due to adverse market conditions.

      04th November 2015

    • NBAD introduces SME Academy for business growth in UAE

      National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) has introduced a free, business skills academy in September 2015. Launched with a purpose of driving growth in UAE’s SME (small medium enterprises) sector, approximately 100 SMEs have benefitted from this training offered by NBAD SME Academy.

      Launched in partnership with CPI, NBAD SME Academy’s pilot programme offers a series of free skill-based workshops that focus on assisting SMEs develop fundamental skills to become bankable and successful. How to Make your Business Bankable; Understanding and Implementing Principles of Accountancy; Understanding Corporate Governance; Attaining Leadership in Customer Service; and Expansion and Growth – Key Strategies are some of the key areas which the pilot programme is focused on.

      03rd November 2015

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