• NBAD Motor Secure Car Insurance

    NBAD Car Insurance

    Introduction to NBAD Car Insurance in UAE

    National Bank of Abu Dhabi offers a comprehensive car insurance policy under brand name Motor Secure that offers a host of insurance benefits to private car owners.

    Features and Benefits of NBAD Car Insurance

    Car insurance from NBAD has following benefits:

    • Instant protection for your car. As soon as you talk to NBAD, get a quote and sign on the agreement, you are covered for motor insurance.
    • NBAD Motor Secure covers you for claims in several locations. You can enjoy complimentary coverage in Qatar, Oman and UAE.
    • With car insurance from NBAD, you can feel secure. Benefit from their complimentary 24 hour roadside assistance.
    • Third-party liability is covered. The coverage can be up to AED 3.5 million
    • In case of accident or a natural mishap, insurance covers your hospitalization. And loss of personal belongings too.
    • If off-roading counts among your interests, NBAD car insurance covers that too.

    Fees and Charges of NBAD Car Insurance - Premium Costs, Loading

    Premium costs of Car Insurance purchased through NBAD can vary. It depends on various factors such as driver’s age and experience and the vehicle’s accident history, model and type of car.

    Why Motor Secure from NBAD?

    Motor Secure from NBAD not only takes care of repairs and compensation in case of accidents o theft, but has thoughtfully added coverage of hospitalization for occupants and their loss of belongings into the motor insurance cover. It also comes with complimentary coverage in all of UAE, Qatar and Oman, so that you can drive worry free across borders.

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    Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

    1. How much insurance I require?

    2. 13 months insurance is mandatory for all car owners. The 13 months are counted from the date of registration.

    3. Can the insurance be transferred if the car is sold?

    4. Unfortunately, this is not possible. As the profile of the driver is crucial to calculating the premium, the policy can’t be transferred when the car is sold. So the existing policy must be cancelled and a new policy taken in the buyer’s name.

    5. Where will the car be serviced if it meets with an accident?

    6. The car can be serviced at a dealership if the insured person has selected Agency repairs. Or else the insurer may choose to get the car serviced at any authorized service and repairing station.

    7. How is the premium calculated?

    8. Premium depends on various factors like the make and model and condition of the car, location, driver’s age and experience and claim history of the vehicle.

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