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    Mashreq Bank Health Insurance

    Mashreq Bank is a leading bank of the UAE and offers a host of financial products and services to customers. The bank also caters to the insurance needs of its customers in close association with other insurance partners. Medical insurance plans from Mashreq Bank are a great product to avail as these plans keep you covered in times of serious financial need. Mashreq Bank insurance ensures that you do not struggle to avail medical help just because of lack of cash.

    Mashreq Bank CritiCare Medical Insurance Plan

    Type of Plan Premium Payment Period Sum Assured (USD)
    10 year Cover 5 years 25,000-1,00,000
    15 year cover 7 years 25,000-1,00,000
    20 year cover 10 years 25,000-1,00,000

    Types of Health Insurance Plans offered by Mashreq Bank

    Mashreq Bank Criticare Medical Insurance Plan

    Science has made ample advancements to offer medical solutions to a variety of health problems. However, the cost associated with some critical illnesses is just too much for anyone to bear and leaves a marked dent on a person’s finances.

    With Criticare Medical Insurance Plan, Mashreq Bank has made sure to keep its customers covered in the unfortunate event of serious illnesses. This plan covers 32 major diseases like heart attack, cancers and kidney failure.

    Why choose Medical Insurance from Mashreq Bank?

    Medical Insurance from Mashreq Bank is facilitated for Metlife Alico which is a subsidiary of American Life Insurance Company. The company has a reputation of being global leaders in the insurance sector.

    Mashreq Bank is one of the top banks in the UAE and has a huge network of branches in the country. The bank also has the largest network of ATMs in UAE. The bank is known to be the highest performing bank in the region. The bank has services and products pertaining to a wide spectrum of financial offerings. Mashreq bank specializes in wealth management, retail banking, corporate banking, investment banking and other major banking domains.

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    Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

    1. How does Criticare medical insurance plan work?

    2. Criticare offers a lump-sum amount on diagnosis on any one of the 32 listed illnesses or a guaranteed bonus equal to 75% of paid premiums at the time of maturity.

    3. Is medical insurance offered by Mashreq Bank?

    4. No. Mashreq Bank facilitates insurance schemes provided by various insurance companies like MetLife and AXA.

    5. Will my premiums increase with increasing age?

    6. No. Your premiums will remain the same throughout the policy period.

    7. What is the death benefit received with Criticare?

    8. In case of death due to critical illness, face amount would be paid and in case of death due to any other reason except critical illness, refund of all premiums paid is made.

    9. Is there a surrender value for Criticare?

    10. No. There is no cash given for surrender of policy.

    11. Is there a grace period for premium payment?

    12. Yes. A grace period of 30 days is given for premium payment.

    13. Is there a free-look period for Mashreq Bank medical insurance policies?

    14. Yes. A free-look period of 30 days is applicable for all medical insurance policies marketed by Mashreq Bank.

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