• Health and Medical Insurance in Sharjah

    Health Insurance in Sharjah

    Sharjah, the capital of the Emirate of Sharjah is one of the fastest growing cities in the world today, with a population of over 800,000. A booming economy coupled with technology advancements have made Sharjah an attractive destination among job seekers, who flock this city in a bid to grow professionally. In this pursuit of growth, there is a chance that they might downplay their health, which could lead to healthcare problems but Sharjah has ensured that its residents are well taken care of, thanks to health insurance policies in place.

    Healthcare in Sharjah

    Sharjah is home to people from all over the world, which has ensured that there is no dearth of talent in this city. Top healthcare professionals call Sharjah their home and have brought with them excellent quality in terms of service and overall healthcare. Healthcare access is open for all residents, thanks to a robust public healthcare system which works in tandem with the private sector, boosting the profile of Sharjah as a decent healthcare destination.

    Health Insurance Regulations in Sharjah

    Sharjah has dedicated departments which look after public health, ensuring that the city as a whole stays healthy and active. There are strict guidelines laid down for employers, with the Labour Law stating that it is the duty of all employers to provide medical care for all its employees. This medical care should meet the standards enshrined by the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs. Employers failing to ensure basic health facilities for their employees are liable for punitive action under the law.

    New policies could be framed in the near future, offering health cover to all residents of Sharjah, ensuring all their medical needs are taken care of. With skyrocketing costs of healthcare in the city, this new regulation would be a boon to everyone.

    Duration of healthcare policies in Sharjah

    Most healthcare policies have a tenure of one year, post which they need to be renewed. Individuals looking for health insurance policies can find a policy which best suits their needs, with service providers offering a number of schemes and plans designed to match individual requirements. Insurance providers from across the globe have set up base in Sharjah, ensuring that healthcare is within close reach for residents.

    Health Hazards in Sharjah

    Sharjah, thanks to its geographic location is prone to harsh summers, with temperatures climbing over 40 degree Celsius, which could result in dehydration, heatstroke and sunburn. Respiratory issues could also be aggravated on account of dust and sand storms which are common to this area.

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