• Health and Medical Insurance in Dubai 

    Need for Health Insurance in Dubai

    If there is no health, there is nothing really left. So, it is important to take care of yourself for the sake of your dependents. But, the expenses incurring are expensive and therefore there is need for you to take a health insurance to cover your life.

    Factors to consider before taking a Health Insurance

    You must consider the following before taking a health insurance:

    • Premiums that you will be paying. You need to be sure if you can afford it.
    • Check if the consultation charges are covered.
    • See if preventive care is offered.
    • Check which doctors are included in the insurer’s plan.
    • If you have a pre-existing condition, then look for a plan that covers pre-existing conditions.
    • Look around for plans that cover dental care as well.

    Benefits of taking a Health Insurance

    Health insurance in Dubai offers you:

    • Outpatient care is covered. It takes care of a part of your consultation charges and other outpatient care charges that does not require you to be admitted to a hospital.
    • Emergency room charges are covered to an extent.
    • Inpatient care is taken care of. You will get daily cash and other expenses will be covered, thus reducing the financial burden.
    • Pre and post-natal care during and after your pregnancy is covered. Paediatric charges will be covered to an extent as well.
    • If you need behavioural health treatment, counselling and psychotherapy, the insurer will bear certain charges.
    • You get discount on the medicines that were prescribed to you.
    • If you have a chronic condition, then the service and devices that helps you recover will be covered.
    • You get a discount on the lab tests.

    Best Health Insurance offered in Dubai

    • NGI Emirates::
    • Maximum claim amount is AED 100,000. Up to 100% of the treatment charges incurred by complementary medical practitioners will be covered. 100% of general practitioner charges are covered as well. You get maternity cover, dental treatment care ambulance transport cover.

    • Oman Insurance Company Plan 1:
    • With this plan you get inpatient benefits. Dental treatment are covered. Maternity services is not included. On every outpatient consultation, you will get a deduction of AED 25. Maximum claim amount can be claimed every year. Alternate medicine and pre-existing conditions are not covered. Ambulance transport charges are included. Policy fee of AED 50 is charged by the insurer.

    • ESDB Superior::
    • With this plan you get international cover excluding USA. 100% of general practitioner charges are covered. Dental cover of up to 80% of the charge is covered. The pregnancy and delivery cover is offered after 11 months of taking this policy. Alternate medicine is not covered. The product allows unlimited claim in a year. Pre-existing conditions are however not covered. Ambulance transport charge is covered under this plan.

    News about Health Insurance in Dubai

    • Integrated Digital Healthcare System Launched in Dubai

      Comprehensive integrated digital healthcare services have been launched in Dubai at the hands of the Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

      The Nabidh and Salama Initiatives of the Dubai Health Authority are a step towards elevating Dubai to not just a global medical hub but a place where people experience “prosperity, satisfaction and happiness”.

      While Nabidh is “electronic health record” of all medical institutions, insurance providers and other related services, Salama is a “unique electronic medical record of every patient” in any of the five government hospitals and 16 primary health centres in Dubai. Both the projects are slated to be ready for full functioning by April 2018.

      This is the first step in digitising the healthcare system in the country under the Unified National Health Record System.

      22nd February 2016

    • Dubai Health Insurance Mandatory for all by June, 2016

      There has been a reminder posted about Dubai's mandatory health insurance law which requires all residents in Dubai to hold a health insurance policy in their name by June 30. The individuals who sponsor residents, if found without insurance during the visa renewal post the deadline will be charged with fine.

      This hence relates that sponsors of spouses as well as elderly parents also must obtain insurance cover for their dependants despite the visa not being due for renewal prior the deadline.

      Dr Haidar Al Yousuf, Director of Public Health Funding at the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) said, “Under this law, first, there is a legal requirement for every Dubai resident to get covered. The second aspect is to establish who is legally responsible to provide the cover," in his report for Gulf News. "In the case of employers," he added, "it is simple. But in the case of spouses, elderly parents, housemaids and houseboys, it is the legal responsibility of the individual who is sponsoring their visa," and “The sponsor will be held legally liable if he violates the law, and will have to pay a fine in retrospect from 30 June 2016,” he said.

      17th February 2016

    • More difficult norms for UAE’s Insurers

      Insurance sector in the UAE to get tougher solvency norms. The solvency is a part of the financial regulations by the Insurance Authority at the end of 2014. This addresses issues as investments, technical reserves, matching of other assets liability, etc. Insurers will now require to maintain enough capital higher than that required for the solvency capital requirement, they will also need to maintain a minimum guarantee fund, or a minimum capital requirement which will be an amount of Dh 100 million for an insurance company or in case of a reinsurance company the amount will need to be Dh 250 million.

      15th February 2016

    • Dubai plans to ensure citizens and expats with disabilities have Insurance

      All residents of Dubai, citizens and expatriates who have disabilities must be covered with health insurance. An expert from the Community Development Authority created a study, for which the results proved that residents who required special needs, attention etc. were not covered enough by insurance. The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has taken this into account and will roll out mandatory health insurance for all residents. The insurance plan will ensure to cover all conditions and the requirements of people, and people with disabilities as well.

      11th February 2016

    • Dubai Health Authority launches incentive program to promote healthy lifestyle

      The Dubai Health Authority has launched a new initiative where it intends to offer reward points to those who lead a healthy lifestyle. The reward program is going to be linked to the mandatory health insurance program and can be availed once those with health insurance become members of the Isahd community website. Current estimates say that by the end of the first half of 2016, everyone in Dubai will have health insurance cover. Once a member has earned enough reward points they will be able to use them to get free access to services like gym memberships or get healthy food coupons and magazine subscriptions.

      27th November 2015

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