• Health and Medical Insurance Claim Process in the UAE


    Health is wealth. There is nothing more important than your health. However, as we grow older, our health is likely to take a beating. It’s not enough if you have bought a health insurance policy. It’s important that you understand how to make a claim including the necessary documentation to be prepared well in advance. While making a claim can be stressful at a critical time when already have to shoulder many responsibilities, it is all the same important that you understand the process to avoid any undue haste or delays.


    • Under the age of 65
    • UAE Nationals
    • UAE Residents
    • Direct family members (spouse and children) are listed as dependants
    • In some cases, unmarried children (under 18 years) in addition to children under 23 years on a student visa are also eligible.

    Health Insurance Coverage

    Covers fees related to physiotherapist, chiropractor, hospital charges, pregnancy complications, in-patient and out-patient specialist fees and prescription drugs costs among others. Some medical insurance products include treatment for chronic conditions in addition to evacuation if the medical treatment is unavailable in the UAE. You will have to submit a medical declaration. In many cases, pre-existing conditions are not covered during the first two years of taking the cover. Winter sports may be covered in your plan in addition to rescue services to the hospital. You should be aware of the excess in your policy document. It is the amount for which you are responsible which is deducted upon settlement of a claim.

    Coverage related to in-patient services may include the following:

    • Hospital accommodation and ICU
    • Surgical fees
    • Dental treatments
    • Organ transplant expenses
    • Radiology and lab tests

    Coverage related to out-patient services may include the following:

    • Outpatient surgical procedures
    • Hospital services
    • Outpatient supplies
    • Consultation fees


    • Pre-existing conditions at the time of policy inception
    • Chronic conditions

    Documentation Required for Making a Claim

    Loss of life of policyholder

    Documentation required for loss of life include the following:

    • Claim forms
    • Notification informing the loss of life of the policyholder
    • Passport (copy) of the policyholder
    • Medical report of the deceased
    • Death certificate
    • Original policy documents
    • Details of beneficiaries
    • Succession certificate
    • Police report (if applicable)
    • Autopsy report (if applicable)
    • Newspaper clippings

    Mediclaim Reimbursement

    Documentation required for surgical and accident medical reimbursement is listed below:

    • Medical Reimbursement Claim
    • Hospital bill
    • Medical bill
    • Lab tests/reports
    • Detailed medical report
    • Copy of passport

    Total Permanent Disability

    Documentation required for total permanent disability is listed below:

    • Claim form
    • Medical report
    • X-rays/lab test reports

    Claim Processing

    In some cases, both you and your doctor must fill in the claim form for every visit. You must provide pertinent information such as policy number, card number, break-up of expenses and bank details. You should also provide detailed information regarding the name of the hospital, date of treatment, amount claimed and number of invoices. Your doctor should provide information such as type of treatment, diagnosis and treatment details. After submission of all the required details and documentation, your claims will be assessed by providers within a specific period in addition to a claim report and reasons for amounts declined. According to experts, you should submit your reimbursement claim form within a month of the original claim.

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