• Health and Medical Insurance in Abu Dhabi 

    Introduction to Medical Insurance in Abu Dhabi

    Abu Dhabi, the federal capital and the largest emirate of UAE is home to over 2.65 million people, with individuals coming to this metropolis on a daily basis to try their luck and improve their lives. This wealthy emirate offers a great opportunity for people to work hard and define their future. It is common for human beings to ignore their health in a pursuit of wealth, but Abu Dhabi has ensured that its residents look after their health wholeheartedly thanks to health insurance policies available which enable us to work to our fullest without having to worry about our health issues.

    Healthcare in Abu Dhabi

    Abu Dhabi might not be globally renowned for its healthcare, but it is home to some of the top hospitals and medical practitioners in the world. An active public healthcare system combined with a dedicated private sector ensure that no one is left behind when it comes to healthcare access. A huge influx of expats have pushed healthcare providers to step up their service, offering word class facilities and treatment modes.

    Health Insurance Regulations in Abu Dhabi

    Health Authority of Abu Dhabi, the parent body regulating healthcare in Abu Dhabi is responsible for formulating strategies and maintaining overall health of residents here. A comprehensive law, the New Health Insurance Law has been put in place by this body with an objective to enhance the overall quality of health service in Abu Dhabi, protecting the interests of all participants under a health insurance scheme. Under this regulation it is compulsory for individuals to have health insurance in order to obtain a residence visa in Abu Dhabi. This law aims to ensure that patients have choice when it comes to accessing healthcare providers, motivating the private sector to play an active role in implementing healthcare strategies.

    Healthcare Providers – Obligations

    The Health Authority of Abu Dhabi has made it mandatory for health providers in the province to provide healthcare to any injured individual during emergencies, regardless of the health cover an individual has. The cost of such treatment can be recovered later, but an individual shall not be denied access to health care during such situations.

    Healthcare obligations of Employer

    An employer should provide health insurance cover for all its employees and his/her family, the cost of which should be borne by the employer alone. Employers/sponsors who fail to do so could face punitive actions.

    Duration of Healthcare policies in Abu Dhabi

    Healthcare policies in Abu Dhabi are valid for a period of one year and need to be renewed annually.

    Health Hazards in Abu Dhabi

    Abu Dhabi, due to its geographic location is prone to harsh summers, with temperatures soaring over 40 degree Celsius, which could result in heatstroke, dehydration and sunburn. Respiratory issues could also be aggravated on account of sand and dust storms which are common to this area.

    News about Health Insurance in Abu Dhabi

    • Insurance Authority, FSRA and ADGM sign MoU over insurance

      The Insurance Authority along with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) have signed a MoU that is going to allow them to work in conjunction to help improve and increase the business of insurance.

      The aim of the MoU is also to help improve the control and development of insurance as well as bringing the UAE’s insurance industry to a level where it can compete on a global scale. The MoU will allow for the exchange of information which can then be used to develop ways to regulate and supervise companies working in the industry.

      The IA also plans to adopt the necessary requirements for financial solvency and improve the credit ratings of conventional insurance companies and those that provide Takaful insurance so as to bring their services and models at par with those used in the UAE.

      23rd November 2015

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