• Health Card in the UAE

    Health card is not mandatory for Dubai visa stamping, but it will become mandatory for residence visa stamping. Most companies in Dubai are offering health insurance for their employees. Health Card is issued to people who are living in Dubai who have a valid residence visa.

    It is important to have a health card in Dubai so you can receive medical treatment in the government hospitals and medical centres. Health Card in Dubai is issued by the Dubai Health Authority.

    Why do you need a Health Card?

    Cost of medical treatment in Dubai is expensive and if you do not have a health insurance, the bills will be too high for you to cover. Health card on the other hand will provide you with low cost medical services at the public hospitals and clinics.

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    Eligibility requirements

    All expatriates residing in Dubai are eligible to get a Health Card. Health card can be opted by those who do not have a health insurance. The Health Cardholders can avail medical treatment at public hospitals and clinics for a low cost.

    Features and benefits of a Health Card

    Following are the features and benefits of Health Card:

    • It provides low cost medical services in the Dubai based hospitals such as Rashid Hospital, Dubai Hospital, Baraha Hospital and other primary health care centres.
    • This card is used by those who don’t have an insurance card to cover their medical expenses.
    • AED300 fee is charged for children and AED500 for adults.
    • The Health Card is valid for a year.
    • You must renew your Health Card every year.
    • Without a valid Health Card you cannot get free medical service at the government hospitals and medical centres.
    • The card can be renewed online on the Dubai Health Authority website.

    How to get a Health Card in the UAE?

    You can fill up the application form available for Health Card at any of the typing centres or you can also fill it up online on the DHA website.

    You must then submit the application form along with all the documents required to the hospital.

    If you are finding any difficulty filling up the form, you can fill in the registration form that you can get online and visit the nearest DHA Health Centre to finish the registration.

    You must pick up the application form from Dubai Hospital, Latifa Hospital, or Rashid Hospital. Then submit the application form along with the documents required. The card will be processed on the same day.

    Documents required

    When you are applying for a Health Card, you need to submit the following documents:

    • Copy of your residence visa.
    • If you are new to the Dubai visa stamping process, you must submit your visa application copy.
    • Copy of your Emirates ID card.
    • 2 passport sized photographs on a white background.
    • If you are applying manually, registration form for application of new Health Card is to be submitted.
    • Tenancy contract should be submitted by the expatriates.
    • Cover letter from your sponsor.
    • AED500 application fee per adult and AED300 fee per child.

    Fees charged on your Health Card

    The Health Card is valid for 4 years for the citizens of the UAE. Fees charged for citizens on their Health Card is as follows:

    • 0 to 9 years: AED25
    • 10 to 17 years: AED50
    • 18 years and above: AED100

    The Health Card is validity for non-citizens is 1 year. Fees charged for non-citizens on their Health Card is as follows:

    • 0 to 9 years: AED100
    • 10 to 17 years: AED200
    • 18 years and above: AED300
    • Medical examination: AED200


    If you already have a health insurance, you can still opt for Health Card. Most of the health insurances companies have various conditions on their health insurance policies. Some of them may not cover complicated medical treatments like chemotherapy. The only thing you can rely on is the Health Card. It is best that you apply for a new Health Card before the prices increase.

    You needn’t wait in long queues to apply for a health card, you can do it online on the DHA’s website.

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