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    Fixed Deposits offered by Emirates NBD:

    Emirates NBD offers fixed deposits for varying tenures at attractive rates of interest. Fixed deposits offered by Emirates NBD help you get optimum growth on your savings at a fixed rate of interest. Investing in these deposits, you can add value to your money, as this saving instrument offers you guaranteed payment of the principal along with offering attractive interest rates at regular intervals. Emirates NBD offers three types of fixed deposits which include Fixed Deposits, Flexi Fixed Deposits and RegulaReturns Fixed Deposits.

    Emirates NBD Fixed Deposits: Features & Benefits

    Fixed deposits offered by Emirates NBD come with a number of attractive features and benefits which include:

    • Get flexible investment tenures which start from 7 days to 5 years. You can invest for a minimum period of 7 days and a maximum period of 5 years.
    • Minimum deposit accepted for an FD account is AED 10,000.
    • Choice of multiple currencies is available.
    • The bank offers competitive rates of interest based on the tenure and amount deposited.
    • Overdraft facility is available by using which you can borrow money against your FD account.
    • Premature withdrawal is allowed.
    • A current or savings account with Emirates NBD is mandatory to open a fixed deposit account with the bank.

    Flexi Deposits: Features & Benefits:

    With the Flexi Deposits offered by Emirates NBD, you can enjoy the freedom of partial withdrawal of your fixed deposits and keep the residual amount of your deposit intact.

    • Get genuine financial flexibility.
    • Offer market leading deposit interest rates based on the tenure and amount deposited
    • You can choose multiple currencies such as AED, USD, GBP and EUR for investing in FDs.
    • Partial withdrawal is permitted.
    • Minimum amount required for opening a flexi deposit is AED10, 000.
    • You can invest for a minimum period of 3 months.
    • Get unrestricted withdrawal frequency.

    RegulaReturns Fixed Deposits: Features & Benefits:

    Investing in RegulaReturns Fixed Deposits, you can choose between monthly, quarterly and half yearly interest payouts, and avoid long waiting period to get returns.

    • Offers competitive interest rates based on the market condition.
    • Get your interest paid at monthly, quarterly and half yearly basis, based on your preference.
    • You can invest by choosing any of the following currieries - AED, USD, GBP and EURO.
    • You can invest for a minimum period of 3 months and a maximum period of 3 years.
    • Minimum deposit accepted is AED 10,000.

    What is a Fixed Deposit Account?

    A fixed deposit is a financial instrument provided by banks. It is a kind of high interest yielding term deposit wherein you can invest for a particular tenure and earn interest on your savings, apart from receiving the original principal amount. Normally, banks do not allow you to withdraw your fixed deposits before a specified maturity date. However, by providing prior notification to your concerned bank, you can withdraw your deposits. Usually, banks charge a penalty fee for such premature withdrawals.

    About Emirates NBD:

    Established in 2007, Emirates NBD is one of the largest banks in UAE in term of its asset. The bank is a part of Emirates NBD group of companies. Emirates NBD’s shares are officially listed on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM). The bank is the result of amalgamation taking place between Emirates Bank International (EBI) and the National Bank of Dubai (NBD). In the course of time, Emirates NBD has established itself as a champion in the financial sector in UAE by offering excellent services in Corporate Banking, Personal Banking, Priority Banking, Private Banking, Islamic and Investment banking etc.

    Apart from FD, Emirates NBD offers these financial products in UAE:

    News about Emirates NBD Fixed Deposit in the UAE

    • UAE Bank encourages customers to be fit

      An UAE bank has introduced a new savings account that calculates interest rates based on customers’ physical activity. Creating an awareness of the importance of staying fit, the bank has named it the Emirates NBD’s Fitness Account. This is a mobile-based financial scheme that allows savers to earn up to 2 per cent annual interest on their deposits.

      Customers who sign up for this will first earn a base rate of 0.2 per annum. The interest rate increases as soon as the saver increases the physical activity. 1% interest rate is rewarded to those clocking 5,000 steps and 2% for 12,000 steps. In addition to the interest they earn, customers can also avail free insurance cover of Dh 100,000 through MetLife. The bank also gives out free vouchers that can be redeemed at fitness and sports brands.

      In order to track their performance, savers have to wear an Apple watch or any other compatible gadget while taking part in any physical or sports activity.

      20th November 2015

    • Bentley Mulsanne and over 125 Breitling watches as prizes offered by Emirates NBD

      Emirates NBD have launched their new mega deposits schemes, for which they are offering their customers a chance to win Bentley Mulsanne and over 125 Breitling watches as prizes as an encouragement for getting into the savings habit. The promotion will begin in October 2015 and close in February 2016. Existing and new customers of the bank get the chance to win the Bentley Mulsanne, luxury watches from Breitling, if they increase their account balances, or have their monthly salary of over AED 15, 000. This is opened for both individual and SME customers, Customers can choose from transactional and interest bearing accounts, flexible fixed deposit, online or mobile based savings accounts as a part of this promotion.

      13th October 2015

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