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    Emirates NBD Insurance

    Insurance Plans offered by Emirates NBD

    Emirates NBD’s tie-ups with several leading insurance companies in the Middle East has helped the bank device innovative products that cater to an extensive range of customers. Whether you’re looking for car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance or life insurance, the bank provides competitive packages with special value added benefits that ensure that customers have no difficulty in finding the deal that best suits their requirements.

    Emirates NBD Motor Insurance

    Whether you want to renew the insurance policy of your existing vehicle or wish to insure your new motor vehicle, Emirates NBD offers comprehensive packages at affordable prices. The company has simplified its insurance policy to make it easy for customers to understand the product and complete documentation without any hassles. Under this plan, your vehicles will be covered against natural calamities and third-party damage and customers will also receive off-road coverage, complimentary car registration service, free claim services, replacement car benefits and prompt doorstep delivery.

    Emirates NBD Home Insurance

    Customers of Emirates NBD can now insure their homes and the belongings in their homes against natural calamities, fire, accidental damage or loss and theft. Legal liabilities are covered to the extent of AED 1 million for a family member or the policyholder. Workmen’s Compensation is also provided for people who work within the household, like maids and servants. Customers can also protect their belongings when they are on vacation for up to 60 days in succession through this plan.

    Emirates NBD Travel Insurance

    The travel insurance policy from Emirates NBD provides 24-hour-travel and emergency medical assistance, baggage loss coverage, emergency evacuation, etc. There are three levels from which customers can choose – Schengen Travel / Executive Travel / Holiday Travel, and the policy suits the needs of Visa travellers, families, individuals and business travellers alike. With competitive pricing and family discounts, Emirates NBD’s travel insurance policy is an attractively packaged and professional product.

    Emirates NBD Life and Health Insurance

    Emirates NBD has designed health insurance and life insurance policies that offer a variety of optional riders and term plans to ensure that the policyholder and his/her family remain safe and secure during difficult times.

    1. International Term Assurance
    2. This plan protects the policyholder and his/her family from critical illness, permanent disability and death. The range of optional riders and term plans ensures that the policyholder receives maximum coverage while making affordable premium payments.

    3. Lifeline Insurance
    4. The Lifeline insurance policy ensures that the family of the policyholder receives financial help in their most difficult moments. Insurance coverage apart, the family of the policyholder can gain advantages from any revenue earned from the cash value that has been adding up by investment in different funds. Under this plan, customers are covered until they turn 95 years of age by making premium payments for only ten years.

    5. Smart Invest Plan
    6. The Smart Invest Plan from Emirates NBD enables customers to access a distinctive and diversified class of funds so that their unique investment needs are met at the risk levels they wish to undertake. You will have the option to choose from regular and single premium options. Investors must be between 18 and 70 years of age to qualify for the policy, and tenures range from one, two, three and five years. The surrender charges are quite low and the life cover that can be availed is 101% of the fund value.

    7. Futura Protection Plan
    8. The Futura Protection plan provides a variety of health, accident and life protection benefits to customers whilst ensuring that they have long-term savings for the future. Customers can choose whether they wish to take the plan on a joint life or single life basis. You can also choose between lump sum and regular contribution based on your financial situation and avail additional covers for permanent disability, accidental death, critical illness, hospitalisation and suchlike.

    Emirates NBD Savings and Investments Plans

    1. Super Saver Plan
    2. The Super Saver policy from Emirates NBD ensures that customers are ready for life’s many surprises and precious moments. Customers are free to select the terms of their plan as well as the total amount they wish to accrue by the time the term ends. Super Saver also allows your beneficiaries to enjoy the various benefits of the plan even if the policyholder cannot continue to make premium payments owing to permanent total disability or premature death.

    3. Income Builder Plan
    4. Emirates NBD’s Income Builder Plan is a fantastic choice if you’re looking to secure the educational needs of your children. The plan ensures that you are financially sound when you retire so that your children can complete their education and/or further studies with no hassles. With low monthly premiums and guaranteed returns, customers can also earn additional interest bonus and stay safe against market instability and fluctuations or any unforeseen circumstances like disability or death.

    5. Vista Plan
    6. The Vista Plan from Emirates NBD helps customers plan for long-term requirements such as retirement, education, general savings, marriage, etc. The returns you earn through this plan are determined by the contributions you make. Thanks to added flexibility, customers can choose to withdraw funds from the account either partially or fully.

    7. Smart Assure Plan
    8. A guaranteed annual bonus and capital guarantee makes Emirates NBD’s Smart Assure Plan one of the best insurance policies out there. The plan helps in ensuring that the future of your family is safeguarded provided you make regular premium payments. Eligibility can be gained if customers are aged between 18 and 60 years, and 100% capital guarantee is provided until the policyholder turns 55 years of age.

    With so many specially tailored policies on offer, Emirates NBD ensures that it meets the requirements of an extensive range of customers.

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