• Do's and Don'ts of Car Insurance

    Here are some of the most important do’s and don’ts one should keep in mind when opting for a car insurance policy.

    Top 10 Do’s, When Buying Car Insurance

    1. Research the best possible option of insurance for your car.
    2. Read all the details of the car insurance literature such as product disclosure sheet or brochures to ensure that you understand you have understand the terms and conditions well.
    3. Contact the bank or insurance provider about all your queries before you opt for the option.
    4. Maintain a good driving record, since that helps lower premium amounts.
    5. Make sure that your car is in good condition even if it is a used car and not a new buy.
    6. Make sure that the car has all the safety and security features, and up to date with the latest trends of the same.
    7. To check whether the car or motor parts along with accessories and spare parts are easily available.
    8. Always keep your insurance no. handy and have the insurance provider’s toll free number saved in your phone for emergencies.
    9. Choose the most comprehensive option available to you without excessive coverage.
    10. Make sure that you have all the pollution checks, repairs and other work done on the car before you apply for the car insurance.

    Top 10 Don’ts When Buying Car Insurance

    1. Don’t go for the cheapest option available.
    2. Do not take extra coverage if it is not needed for a motor insurance.
    3. Don’t forget the car dealers in partnership with your insurance company for cashless benefits.
    4. Do not forget to check the exclusion cases for car insurance claims, in the product disclosure literature.
    5. Do not avoid the questions being asked during the application. Be honest about your answers, to avoid any penalty or hike in premium amount for not being clear to the insurer.
    6. Do not forget to keep a reminder for renewing your car insurance without any gaps of time.
    7. Don’t hesitate to ask or opt for a product that has additional benefits that will help you such car hire extension, towing services, agency repairs, off-road use etc.
    8. Do not forget to ask about all the territorial and age limits.
    9. Do not be hasty about your document submission for claims. Keep a list of all the documents required always ready, so that you never have to worry about it later.
    10. Always make sure that you are completely aware of the claim procedure to avoid any delay in claim sanctioning or receiving the claim amount.

    Words of Advice

    Choosing a car insurance policy can be a difficult task if everything isn’t followed in proper manner. So it’s advisable to follow all the do’s and don’ts while applying for a car insurance in UAE to avoid any such circumstances.

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