• NBF Classic Credit Card

    NBF Classic Credit Card
    Credit Card
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    Reward type
    NBF Classic Credit Card
    Annual Fee:
    AED 0
    Reward type:
    Travel, Insurance, Shopping, Cashback, Dining, Entertainment, Rewards and Lifestyle

    NBF Classic credit card helps you to take the first step towards reaching your new financial goals. This card is the best option for those who have just joined work or are newlyweds. It helps you earn rewards and offers exclusive benefits.

    Features and benefits of NBF Classic credit card

    Following are the various features and benefits of NBF Classic credit card:

    • You can transfer the outstanding credit card balance from any credit card to NBF credit card for a special promotional interest rate. The repayment options available are from 3 months to 24 months.
    • You can convert your transactions into monthly payments at a 0% interest rate. The repayment options start from 3 months.
    • The NBF Classic credit card is globally accepted and you can withdraw cash from over 840,000 ATMs worldwide.
    • You can get access to additional funds for any unexpected expenses. You can get up to 70% of the credit limit transferred to your account. The repayment option starts from 3 months.
    • Cash advance facility is also made available to you, where you can withdraw up to 40% of the available card limit at any ATM worldwide.
    • When you use your credit card overseas, the transactions amount is converted to US Dollars. For payment purposes, the transactions are converted back to AED.
    • You can get up to 4 supplementary credit cards. The supplementary cardholders will get access to the benefits of the rewards programme. The supplementary cardholder must be over 18 years of age.
    • You will get free SMS alert for all your transactions, payments towards servicing your card, payment due date reminders, and any other card statements issued.
    • You can make the minimum payment or total payment as specified in your monthly statement.
    • You get exclusive discounts on entertainment, travel, and dining.
    • You get 60% cashback on movie tickets at all Vox cinemas.
    • The card is Chip & PIN and Visa payWave enabled which makes your daily banking more secure.


    You get 60% cashback at all Vox cinemas when you use your NBF credit card. The maximum cashback you can earn in a month is AED150, which is equal to 4 free tickets in a month.

    Eligibility requirement

    In order to avail an NBF Classic credit card, you must be:

    • Over 21 years of age.
    • A resident of the UAE.
    • Earning a salary.
    • You must have an NBF Current Salary Account or an NBF Fixed Deposit.

    Documents required

    Following are the documents that are to be submitted along with the application form:

    • A copy of your valid Emirates ID.
    • A copy of your valid passport.
    • A copy of your valid residency Visa.
    • A copy of current dated salary certificate.
    • The application form should be signed.
    • Repayment cheque that should be 120% of the approved credit limit.

    Rates and charges

    Following are the various applicable rates and charges:

    Profit rate 2.99% per month.
    Cash advance fee 4% of the amount or AED50, whichever is higher.
    Cash withdrawal limit 40% of card limit.
    Foreign currency transaction fee 2.5%.

    NBF Classic credit card hotline number

    You can reach NBF customer service at 8008NBF(623).


    1. How can I make the monthly repayments?

      The monthly repayments can be made via cash, debit order instruction, or cheque.

    2. Am I required to clear out the entire outstanding balance each month?

      No, you can make the minimum payment or 5% of the outstanding balance, whichever is higher. If you do not wish to be charged any profit rate, then you must clear out the balance in full each month.

    3. What determines the credit limit?

      Your credit limit will be based on your salary and the card type requested.

    4. Will the supplementary credit cards have their own credit limit?

      No, the credit limit will be shared with the primary credit card.

    5. What are the benefits that a supplementary credit cardholder enjoy?

      Supplementary credit cardholder enjoys the same benefits as the primary cardholder. 

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