• Emirates NBD Go4it Platinum Card

    Emirates NBD Go4it Platinum Card
    Credit Card
    Annual Fee
    Reward type
    Emirates NBD Go4it Platinum Card
    Annual Fee:
    AED 199
    Reward type:
    Insurance, Dining, Entertainment, Rewards and Lifestyle

    The Go4it Platinum Credit Card is brought to you by a joint venture between Emirates NBD and the Road and Transport Authority. The benefits of this card are twofold. Not only can it be used as a regular credit card, it can also be used as an RTA Nol Card which means that you won’t have to carry a credit and an RTA card in your pocket. The transit chip is built into this credit card and allows you’re to use it to pay the fare for using the RTA networks. Apart from the transit facilities, this card also affords access to lifestyle privileges along with complimentary insurance to cover you when travel.

    Features of the Go4it Platinum Credit Card

    • Annual Fee: The annual fee for this card is AED 199 but only for the primary card because the supplementary cards are free or annual charges.
    • Interest Rates: Retail purchases made and cash advances taken using this card attract an interest rate of 3.09% per month.
    • Credit Period: The card offers an interest free period of 55 days provided you have been paying the outstanding amounts in one go instead of carrying the balance forward.
    • Cash Advance: The card offers 50% of the credit limit as instant cash which can be withdrawn anywhere in the world.
    • Cash withdrawals: If you take a cash advance using this card then you will be charged a fee of 3% of the amount withdrawn or AED 99, whichever is higher.
    • International transactions: If you use the card for international transactions then you may be charged 1.84% apart from the regular processing fee for such transactions.

    Benefits of the Emirates NBD Go4it Platinum Credit Card

    There are a lot of benefits that the Go4it Platinum Credit Card offers cardholders. Some of them are:

    • Instalment Plan: For a fee of AED 250 you can turn any of your purchases into an instalment plan under which you can pay back for that purchase over periods ranging from 3 months to 36 months.
    • Special Offers:
      • The card can give you discounts of up to 30% at over 1,500 restaurants in the UAE.
      • You will also be entitled to free rides on the Dubai ferry.
      • If you use the card to buy movie tickets then you’ll only have to pay AED 40 instead of AED 70 when you buy 2 regular tickets.
      • You will also be eligible to 5% to 10% discounts on holiday packages booked using this card.
    • The card also offers special insurance packages that are either complementary or offered at very reasonable prices.
      • Cardholders are entitled to life insurance of up to AED 100,000 which will be paid out in case of a natural or accidental death.
      • For a charge of 0.95% of the current balance at billing you will be covered for expenses like utility bills, house rents, school fee, grocery bills, shipping belonging back to your home (in case you are an expatriate), etc. This insurance will be paid out in case you, the primary cardholder, becomes permanently disabled or dies as a result of an accident.
      • When you travel you are also covered by a complimentary travel insurance that provides a cover of up to USD 280,000 in case of death or permanent disability.
    • Since the card is issued in collaboration with the RTA you also get facilities like:
      • Using the card to pay for parking, busses and monthly passes.
      • Since your credit card is linked to your Nol Tag ID, it allows for easy top-ups.
      • You can even avail an auto top-up facility for your Salik account which basically will fill your Salik account up every time your balance comes to AED 20. You can also define the amount that should be added to the account.

    Emirates NBD Go4it Platinum Credit Card Rewards

    The card offers reward programs that are meant to make use of the card even more rewarding for you.

    • If the card is used to pay for school fees, you are entitles to 10% cash back if the expenditure is above AED 2,500.
    • The card comes with a booklet containing discount vouchers for dining, shopping etc. which can amount to AED 6,000.
    • The card also offers a rewards program where expenditure using the card earns you Plus Points.
      • On weekdays you will earn 1 Plus Point for every AED 200 spent.
      • On weekends you will earn 5 Plus Points for every AED 200 spent.
      • If the expenditure is done on RTA facilities then you earn 5 Plus Points for every AED 200 spent.
    • The Plus Points you earn can be redeemed for purchases at select merchants, annual fee waiver or cashbacks.

    The Go4it Platinum Credit Card comes packed with features that not only prove it a worthy credit card but also bring you the convenience of not having to carry an RTA Nol card.

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