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    ADCB Islamic Credit Card
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    ADCB Islamic Credit Card
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    ADCB Islamic Bank Credit Card

    The Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank credit cards are cards that have been designed to be complained with the Islamic laws of banking. They are free from interest and are established on the basis of the Shari’ah laws. They also offer the card holders a vast array of facilities that range from extensions on warranties to access to exclusive lounges at airports. The cards can also be used for purchases anywhere in the world. The Islamic Banking credit card has four variations, the features of which are explained below.

    Classic Credit Card

    The Classic Credit Card offered by the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank is a credit card that has been designed to suit the rules of Islamic Banking. It is completely compliant with all the rules of Shari’ah laws. Apart from this it also offers the cardholders access to variety of other facilities that are meant to make the customers banking experience a pleasurable one.

    Features of the Classic Credit Card

    • There is no interest that is charged on transactions made using this card.
    • The card can be used to make purchases all over the world.
    • It can be used to pay utility bills along with retail shopping.
    • Cash advance against available credit limit is also provided, which can be availed simply by calling up the bank.
    • The card comes with a credit shield under the name of Takaful program which can be availed for a monthly fee. The shield provides for an insurance cover of up to AED 100,000 against death.
    • The card also come with the TouchPoints rewards program under which every AED spent earns cardholders 0.5 reward points.
    • Purchases made using this card are also protected against accidental damage, theft or loss for a period of 90 days.

    Gold Credit Card

    The Gold Credit card offered by the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank is a Visa credit card that offers customers a wide variety of facilities which also include being free of interest as the cards are designed to be compliant with Shari’ah laws. The cards can be used to fulfil utility bill payments and

    Features of the Gold Credit Card

  • This card too comes free of interest under the laws of Islamic Banking.
  • The card can be used to make purchases anywhere in the world.
  • Cash advances can also be taken against the credit card but are subject to available credit limits.
  • Card holders can also sign up for the Takaful program, for a nominal fee, which entitles them to an insured amount of up to AED 100,000 in case of death, critical illness or permanent disability.
  • The card also offers up to 90 days of protection of purchases against theft, accidental damage or loss.
  • Under the TouchPoints rewards program, every AED spent earns card holders 0.75 reward points.
  • Premium Gold Credit Card

    The Premium Gold Credit Card from the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, is a card that offers facilities that range from the most basic functions of a credit card to more advanced features like insurance packages that can be opted for by cardholders. This insurance can help secure the cardholders against sudden loss of a source of income or accidental deaths or disabilities. These cards are also designed in accordance to the Shari’ah laws, which means that they are completely free of interest.

    Features of the Premium Gold Credit Cards

    • No interest is charged on this card in accordance with the Islamic Banking rules.
    • Card holders can take cash advances that on the available credit limit of the card.
    • The card offers the Takaful insurance program which covers card holders up to AED 100,000 in case of death due to any cause or permanent disabilities or even critical illnesses. The facility can be availed for a monthly fee.
    • The rewards earned on this card are 0.75 points for 1 AED spent.
    • Purchase made using this card are protected against accidental damage or loss or even theft for a period of 90 days.

    Platinum Credit Card

    The Platinum Credit Card issued by the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank is a card that provides credit cards for those who want to follow the tenets of Islamic Banking and is completely compliant with Shari’ah laws. It does not have any interest associated with it and it gives the card holders access to a plethora of facilities that are provided to ensure the customers feel exclusive.

    Features of the Platinum Credit Card

    • According to the dictates of Islamic Banking, no interest is charged on the usage of this card.
    • Like the other cards, this card too can be used to pay utility bills.
    • It offers cardholders the facility to take cash advances that are completely interest free.
    • Every AED spend on this card earns 1 TouchPoints reward point.
    • For the charge of a nominal monthly fee card holders can enrol in the Takaful program which provides insurance cover of up to AED 100,000 against critical illnesses, accidental permanent disability or even death.
    • Purchase made using this card are protected for 90 days against theft, loss or accidental damage.
    • It also offers an extended warranty or 24 months on certain purchases made using this card.
    • It gives customers access to exclusive discounts on dining out.
    • Card holders even get access to exclusive lounges at airports as a result of holding this card.
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