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    Citibank Life Insurance

    Introduction to Citibank Life Insurance in UAE

    Citibank UAE provides different life insurance plans to provide you financial protection against unforeseen occurrences in life. The bank offers the following twelve life insurance plans:

    My Life: This is an affordable life insurance plan and comes with flexible premium options. You can get life insurance cover for up to 95 years with this plan.

    Future Gold: This is a systematic savings plan and provides the option of a lump sum investment.

    Life Long: This is a whole life insurance plan offering greater levels of protection and a host of extra benefits.

    Invest Plus: It is a flexible international savings plan. The plan accepts contributions in any major convertible currencies across the world.

    International Savings plan: The plan offers protection to you and your loved ones, and provides flexibility to choose a wide range of global funds, high bonus allocation and greater insurance protection.

    Super Invest: This plan helps you to maximize your scope of capital growth and provides a number of investment strategies.

    Future Assure: The plan offers you guaranteed benefits, ensures your savings, and provides protection to your loved ones against unexpected future conditions.

    Investor Advantage: This life insurance plan enables you to save for a short term and achieve long term goals.

    International Term Assurance: With this plan you can enjoy a complete peace of mind experience with assured protection for the tomorrow.

    Global Choice: This is an investment plan that helps you meet your investment as well as personal needs such as savings, retirement planning, child education etc.

    Sun Secured Advantages Plus: This is an investment linked life insurance product that helps you invest in the global market.

    Prestige for Life: This is a flexible whole life insurance plan that helps you meet your long term wealth protection goals.

    Features & Benefits of Citibank Life Insurance

    Citibank Life Insurance plans come with a host of attractive features and benefits. They include:

    • Get protection up to the age of 95 with Citibank Life Insurance plan like My Life.
    • Get optional riders to save you against critical illness.
    • Offer term insurance riders for you and your spouse.
    • Flexible premium payment options.
    • You can withdraw your premiums partially and redirect your future premiums.
    • Enjoy the flexibility of adding and removing any benefits as per your needs. You can also increase and decrease any benefits chosen by you.
    • The plans offer a wide range of benefits including life cover, hospitalization benefits, long term care benefit, family income benefit, aeroplane cover, waiver of contribution, accident death cover etc.
    • Enjoy free switching among funds with Citibank Invest Plus.
    • Also, you get the flexibly to invest your money in some of the leading mutual funds.
    • Offer cover for permanent total disability.
    • Citibank Life Insurance plans can be cancelled within 30 days. On cancellation, the customer is entitled to get full refund of premiums. However, transfer charges may apply.
    • Multiple maturity options are available.

    Premiums for Citibank Life Insurance

    Premiums for life insurance policies offered by Citibank UAE may vary based on age, tenures and different types of life insurance plans. For example, My Life insurance plan offered by Citibank UAE offers flexible premium payment options starting from 10 years up to the age of 95.

    Eligibility Criteria for Citibank Life Insurance

    Life insurance plans offered by Citibank UAE can be purchased by all individuals upon fulfilling their eligibility criteria decided by the bank.

    Why choose Citibank Life Insurance?

    Citibank UAE offers different life insurance plans to suit your different individual requirements. With these plans, you can get life insurance cover for multiple incidents with flexible premium payment options. Also, these are good investments plans by investing in which you can earn profits on your savings.

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    Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

    1. Do I get optional rider with Citibank Life Insurance plans?

    2. Yes, Citibank My Life insurance plan provides optional riders to protect you and family against critical illness diagnosis.

    3. Can I purchase Citibank Life Insurance plans by using convertible currencies?

    4. Yes, you can purchase Citibank Invest Plus life insurance plan by using convertible currencies.

    5. How many life insurance plans does Citibank UAE offer?

    6. Citibank UAE offers total 12 life insurance plans including My Life, Future Gold, Life Long, Invest Plus, International Savings plan, Super Invest, Future Assure, Sun Secured Advantages Plus, and Prestige for Life, Investor Advantage, International Term Assurance and Global Choice.

    7. What is Citibank Future Gold?

    8. This is a systematic investment plan offered by Citibank UAE. You get the benefits of lump sum investment with this plan.

    9. Does Citibank Life Insurance provide cover for permanent disability?

    10. Yes, Citibank Life Long life insurance plan provides cover for permanent complete disability.

    11. Can I cancel any life insurance policy taken from Citibank UAE?

    12. Yes, you can cancel your life insurance policy purchased form Citibank UAE. If the cancellation is done within 30 days, you are eligible to get full return of your premiums.

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