• Citibank Current Account in the UAE

    Citibank UAE Current Account

    The Citibank Current Account is an account from which money can be withdrawn without notice. It is an active account which caters to frequent deposits and withdrawals by cheque.

    Features and Benefits of Citibank Current Account

    • Convenient – It is simple and convenient to open a Citibank Current Account. Applicants need to sign just one form to open an account. Citi’s personal banker takes care of all the formalities for them.
    • Personalised Cheque Book – Account holders are provided with a personalised cheque book for all their banking needs.
    • Unlimited Checking Facility – Citibank provides account holders with the option of unlimited checking facility.
    • Multiple Currencies – Account holders can maintain their bank account in AED, US Dollars, Euro or Pound Sterling, allowing for flexibility and ease of use.
    • Free International ATM/Debit Card – This allows account holders freedom to access their money from any Citibank ATM in the UAE.
    • Global Network – Account holders can utilise any of Citibank’s ATMs across the world to access their account.
    • High WithdrawalLimit – Account holders can withdraw cash up to AED 10,000 or its equivalent in any other currency per day.
    • 24x7 Service – Citibank offers a 24 hour CitiPhone Banking service through which customers can do their banking over the phone from the comfort of their home/office from anywhere in the world.
    • Online Services – Citibank Online allows customers the power and convenience to perform their banking activities through the internet.
    • Citibank Alerts - Account holders get access to Citibank Alerting Service which keeps them informed about their banking details via e-mail.

    Eligibility Criteria for Citibank Current Account

    • Applicants must be residents of UAE.
    • The applicant should be 18 years and above to apply for a Citibank Current account.

    Documents Required for Citibank Current Account

    • Valid Government ID card.
    • Copy of valid visa and work permit.
    • Copy of passport and address proof.

    Citibank Current Account Fees and Charges

    • Citibank charges a fee of AED 2 per transaction to access money from any UAE switch ATM.
    • Citibank charges a fee of AED 20 per transaction to access any Non Citibank ATM abroad.

    Why choose Citibank Current Account?

    With a history of over 200 years in banking, Citibank is a pioneer and world leader. The fact that it has grown leaps and bounds in the last two centuries is proof of its strength. The wide network and personal attention that it offers makes it the perfect partner.

    Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

    1. Does one earn interest on their Citibank Current Account?

    2. No, one does not earn interest on the current account.

    3. Are all ATM transactions free?

    4. No, ATM transactions from other bank ATM’s will be charged nominally per transaction.

    5. Can a non-resident of UAE apply for this account?

    6. No, one needs to be resident of UAE to apply for this account.

    7. Can an account holder perform unlimited transactions?

    8. Yes, the account holder is provided with a personalised cheque book with unlimited checking facility.

    9. Is there an upper limit to the amount of money which can be withdrawn from an ATM?

    10. Yes, account holders can withdraw a maximum of AED 10,000 from ATM’s per day.

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