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    AXA Insurance

    Types of Insurance Offered By AXA Insurance

    AXA has cemented its place as one of the most trusted financial institutions in the UAE. With a plethora of products and services on offer, the bank also provides a variety of insurance options. Whether it is your car, motorcycle, yacht, home or even health, customers can insure their belongings with the company. Here we will take a look at all the insurance options in the UAE offered by the bank.

    AXA Car Insurance

    AXA offers six unique products in its Car Insurance range, viz. Motor Prestige, Motor Perfect, Motor Executive, Motor Select, Third-Party and Third-Party Fire and Theft. The price of the policy will be determined by the cover you choose, and the offer can be availed by drivers between 25 and 65 years of age. Drivers are required to have a driving license for at least a year in the UAE, or two years if they have transferred from another country. Vehicles insured must be under ten years old and only those vehicles that have been registered for personal use can be insured.

    AXA Travel Insurance

    Regardless of the destination to which you may be travelling, AXA offers insurance policies that ensure hassle-free travel. The policy covers costs associated with trip cancellation, medical emergencies and lost baggage. The insurance options from which customers can choose include Travel Smart, Travel Schengen, Travel Family, Inbound Travel and Inbound Travel Plus.

    AXA Home Insurance

    Individuals can insure their home against contingent events such as burglary or fire by opting for AXA home insurance. It is important to note that the insurance policy taken out by the landlord usually only covers the building in which you live, which means that your personal belongings are left uncovered. Taking out an AXA home insurance policy ensures that your content, building, personal belongings, tenants and occupiers liabilities as well as domestic helpers are covered.

    AXA Golf Insurance

    People who love to play golf can now improve their experience by choosing AXA’s comprehensive package that is specifically designed for golfers. The costs associated with golfing equipment can be quite high, and players may have to incur significant expenses in case of stolen or lost goods. AXA’s golf insurance policy ensures that all costs related to stolen and lost equipment are covered, including injuries caused due to damaged equipment.

    AXA Health Insurance

    AXA’s health insurance policy covers the health of the policyholder and his/her policy whether they reside within the AGCC or outside. By taking out an AXA healthcare policy, customers will find that healthcare standards are up to par and local hospitals will always undertake treatment in any situation. The policy also ensures that transportation to the nearest healthcare facility is arranged during times of emergency.

    AXA Yacht Insurance

    Whether you have a seasoned sailing boat or a newly purchased motor cruiser, AXA provides comprehensive cover for your possessions. The Sail Master Plus was developed locally and is very flexible to cater to the specific requirements of different boat owners. The package covers accidental damage or loss to the boat while protecting the owner’s liabilities towards third parties. The protection is available with distinctive built-in covers like Search and Rescue and Uninsured Boater coverage in addition to bonuses like no claim rebate.

    AXA Motorcycle Insurance

    The motorcycle insurance policy offered by AXA provided Comprehensive or Third Party insurance to leisure bike owners. The cost associated with the policy will differ based on the kind of cover you choose, the kind of vehicle you own, your age and the rider’s on-road experience. The motorcycle will be covered if it is used for pleasure, domestic and social purposes as well travel to and from a place of study or employment. Please note that this policy does not cover competitive events such as time trials, racing, rallies and track events.

    AXA Relocation Insurance

    Individuals who are relocating from one country to another, or one city to another, can protect their possessions to ensure that there is no damage caused while moving. The policy starts at the moment you start packing your possessions to the point they are unpacked at your new home. The different types of polices that you can choose include Full Conditions (for professionally packed effect), cover for motor vehicles, storage extensions, Restricted Conditions (for owner packed effects), and special extensions.

    AXA Personal Accident Insurance

    AXA’s personal accident insurance ensures that the welfare of your family is secured. It helps in controlling your finances in case there are any personal accidents within your family. The policy also supports you as well as your family in case of a disability or a life-changing experience such as the death of your spouse. The plan is highly flexible and coverage ranges from AED 100,000 to AED 400,000.

    Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

    1. Can I apply for insurance policies online?
    2. Yes, AXA has online facilities that allow customers to apply for insurance policies online.

    3. Is it better to take out the policy online?
    4. It depends on your personal preferences, but taking out a policy online is quicker and the product is also delivered to you fairly quickly that too from the comfort of your home.

    5. Are expatriates eligible for the insurance products?
    6. Yes, expatriates can also avail insurance policies from AXA, but the terms and conditions may differ so make sure you check with the company before choosing the policy that best suits your requirements.

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