• Avoid surprises in your travel insurance

    Medical care is not always cheap at the place that you intend to travel. There is no denying that you will not fall sick or meet with an accident when you are on a vacation. Even if the country you visit has a higher standard of medical care, it may not be cheap. Therefore, buying a travel insurance ensures that you are secured, you also are buying some peace of mind. Most people prefer to get a travel insurance when they are taking any vacation so that they don’t have to worry much when they are having fun. But, there are a few things you need to keep in mind in order to avoid any insurance surprises arising during the trip.

    Factors to avoid surprises in your travel insurance

    Following are the factors to keep in mind to avoid insurance surprises during your vacation:

    • Carry proof:

      Carry your insurance when you are on a vacation. You may never know when you will need it. Before you pay from your own money for an incident covered by the insurance, call the customer care of the insurance provider and check with them first. Keep all the transactions documents with you safely. The insurance provider may want to check your medical receipts, police reports, hospital bills, etc. It is best that you have all proof for the claim you are going to make when you get back from your vacation.

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    • Health cover:

      If you have and existing condition or a child of special needs, you must inform your insurance provider. Most insurance providers don’t cover the pre-existing conditions. Pregnant ladies will be covered up to a certain point into their pregnancy. Some providers don’t cover the pregnancy related complications that occurred before getting the insurance.

    • Activities covered:

      Most of the insurance providers don’t cover extreme sports. You need to specify to your provider if you will be trying out extreme sports during your vacation and want to get a cover for it. Some insurance providers cover the extreme sports to an extent. The same is applicable when you are vacationing in danger zones or if you take a trip to an area prone to terrorist attacks.

    • Cancellation and missing flight:

      You will not get covered if you sleep in late and miss your flight. But, you will get a cover if you are missing your flight or you are cancelling your trip because of hijack, strike, adverse weather conditions, industrial action, or mechanical breakdown. You will have to show the proof of these incidences to be able to make a claim. Insurance will cover up to a certain limit based on the reasoning. If you are cancelling your vacation because your family member was sick, the insurance provider considers immediate family only and not your uncle’s and aunt’s.

      When you are taking a travel insurance, check the cover limit. See if the expensive items you are carrying will be covered. Compare the various travel insurance you can take and choose the one that provides the best cover for the destination you choose to travel. 

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