• 5 interesting Travel Insurance covers

    Most people take a travel insurance to protect themselves from the unforeseen travel misfortunes. It covers trip cancellation, trip interruption, baggage and personal items coverage, emergency medical insurance and accidental death or dismemberment insurance. But, there is more to the insurance cover. Read on to find out the travel insurance covers that you didn’t know about.

    Less known travel insurance coverage

    Following are the 5 less known travel insurance coverage offered:

    • Legal expenses cover: When you are travelling abroad and you meet with an accident, you will get cover for the medical expenses and the insurance policy can also help you sue the party at fault and claim for damages. The insurance company may also appoint an attorney to represent you. It is beneficial if you keep your travel insurance company in loop every time you make travel plans. You claim maybe affected if you contact a third party or negotiate or settle with the legal representative without the insurer’s consent.
    • Assistance when you have lost your passport: When you have lost your passport, you have to place a police complaint and get in touch with your country's embassy and apply for a new one. The wait could take a couple of days. Most travel insurance plans will cover for the extra transport and lodging expenses incurred till you get your temporary passport and visa. The insurance company will also guide you through the process and whom you must contact, etc.
    • Winter sports coverage: This is an optional coverage. Most life insurance companies exclude coverage for winter sports as there is an element of risk. You might want to take a travel insurance plan that offers cover for the winter sports. This coverage will be available for an additional premium. The policy will ideally cover emergency medical expenses, evacuation, loss of sporting equipment’s, trip cancellation, etc.
    • Cattery and kennel fees: If you have pets and you have left them behind in a kennel or a cattery to go on a holiday, some travel insurance plans will cover the cost. The fees may not be covered if you don’t return on the scheduled date for reasons like you have had a personal medical emergency or have been hospitalised when you were abroad.
    • Additional golf cover: All the golf lovers will love this cover. The option will cover medical cost, unused green fees, loss of golfing equipment, replacement of golfing equipment, and non-refundable reservations. You will have to pay an extra premium to avail this option.

    Most people are unaware of these options. If you are planning on going abroad on a vacation, you can shop around for the travel insurance plans and avail the additional benefits mentioned above. While travelling carefree, you tend to enjoy your trip more.

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